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Sex Positions

No description

Shannon Oakley

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of Sex Positions

Sex Positions
Man on top of woman, face to face.
The Sultry Saddle
Face to Face
Girl sits on his lap while he is inside of you. Girl rocks back and forth
The Squat
Squat on top of him and raise up and down.
Standing Up
Girl faces wall while he enters you from behind.
Go sideways on him
The Scissors
Put your top leg over his hip. Push your bottom leg against his leg.

The Spider
Both lie down with legs in between each other. Then brings knees up so he inserts you.
Girl On Top
Girl is on top of boy
Speed Bump
Girl lies on bottom on her stomach while boy lays on top of you. She spreads her legs so he can enter inside of girl.
The Manhandle Her
Stand in front of him where he can enter you from behind
Edge Of Heaven
Guy sits on edge of bed or chair while woman sits on his lap.
Sexy Spoons
Both lie on sides while he enters you from behind.
Corridor Canoodling
Find an area where two walls are close together and while he does a sitting position, sit on his lap with your legs dangling.
The Galloping Horse
He stretches his legs out and then she sits on top and stretches her legs out and the woman is in control.
The Good Spread
Girl goes into splits on top of boy. The deeper he goes in the better the penetration.
Kneeling Fox
Girl goes on knees and sits back on him
Melody Maker
Sit on the chair sideways and lean backwards so your head is pointing downwards. Now have the guy kneel between your legs and enter you.

The Man Trap
It's similar to missionary but the girl wraps her legs around the guy to give her the power to control him
Magic Bullet
Girl raises legs and puts them together.
Reverse Cowgirl
It's like girl on top, but she turns around so her back is facing him.
Lust and Thrust
She lays on a table or bed with her legs dangling over the side and he enters you.
Happy Anniversary
Have him lie halfway off the bed and you sit on top of him. Woman is in control.
Kneel and Sit
Get the guy to kneel down on the bed and then the girl sits on his lap with legs on both sides of his body
The Wraparound
Guy sits on bed with his legs straight and the girl sits on top with her legs wrapped around him.
On the Stairs
Girl lays back on stairs and the guy is a few stairs down. She puts one leg up in the air so he can insert into her.
The Cat
Like missionary but the difference is the guy moves his body up as high as he can, without hurting the woman and then instead of thrusting, he grinds small circles.

The Bridge
He can lay his head on a couch and feet on a chair, but the girl sits on top on him with her legs dangling
Legs on Shoulders
Girl lies on back and the guy kneels between her legs. Girl puts legs on his shoulders.

Dirty Dancing
Man stands against a wall so he keeps balance while woman puts one leg around him
The High Dive
Kind of like woman on top but instead you hook your feet together and your hands. It's like supporting each other.
The Shoulder Stand
Girl starts on back and guy kneels in front of you. Then the girl brings up her back so he can enter you.
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