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"The True Liberation of Women"

No description

on 29 March 2015

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Transcript of "The True Liberation of Women"

"The True Liberation of Women"
Indira Gandhi
Prime Minister of India

So...how is Indira Gandhi's message enhanced by a distinctive voice
Indira Gandhi's Qualities...
"How insidious and all-pervasive is this attitude of male superiority..."
"...Sarojini Naidu, feminine to the core but well able to hold her own in the world of men..."
"Man as leader, women as follower;man as producer, women as consumer..."
Women Rights
"...by excluding women, men are depriving themselves of a fuller emancipation or growth for themselves"
"The effort must embrace all nationaities and all classes regardless of religion, caste or sex"
"We want to walk together and in step with all others..."
"...the quality of India herself"
"We want India to walk together and in step with all others..."
Distinctive voices...
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Resources provided by the teacher.
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