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Sitka Technology Group

Company Overview and Project Portfolio Highlights

Matt Deniston

on 7 October 2015

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Transcript of Sitka Technology Group

Tools to further the
practice of conservation

We believe our streams and lands
are not getting better fast enough,

and that data and tools exercising that data
have a critical role to play

to improve both the art and science of conservation.

Sitka is a GSA Schedule 70 vendor, and for most of its life was a certified Tier 1 Emerging Small Business in the state of Oregon.

WaterWatch Board,
West Linn/Wilsonville School Board,
Helping foster kids,
Coaching sports,
Happy Cup coffee,
Negative carbon footprint
Core Skills:
One of “Fastest Growing Companies”
- Portland Business Journal, 2012
Deep domain expertise
User experience & workflow design
Program Strategy

Conservation Management

Environmental Monitoring
Practice Areas:
Systems to track objectives, obligations, funding, and accomplishments. Coupled with tactical tools, these systems quickly become the heart of conservation planning & operations.

Focused on funders, portfolio managers, policy and decision makers,
program and project managers.
Tools to manage on-the-ground work, with an eye to increasing effectiveness & decreasing costs. Tools that enable adaptive management by geospatially and temporally tracking activities, sites, metrics, indicators, budgets, costs, and objectives.

Focused on field & operations staff, land/water managers and stewards, biologists & ecologists, contractors, funders.
Tools ensuring efficient flow and sharing of field/lab data, and that guarantee high quality and reliability. Tools helping practitioners spend less time in front of computer, more time in the field.

Focused on monitoring designers & planners, scientists, field crew leads & practitioners, analysts, quality control experts, statisticians, & bioinformatics specialists.
Sitka roots go back to 2001 when some
of us started working together.

Brian, Keith, and Matt formed Sitka Technology Group, LLC in Apr 2008.

Now have additional 16 staff.

Consistent growth, durable financial strength: from 2009 to 2011 revenue
grew from $958K to $2.5M.
Virtually no debt.

Company Roots
Community Roots
Bonneville Environmental Foundation
Bonneville Power Administration
California Department of Fish & Game
Clean Water Services
Ecotrust / State of the Salmon
Lower Columbia Fish Recovery Board
Northwest Power & Conservation Council
Portland Metro
Puget Sound Partnership
Tahoe Regional Planning Agency
Tetra Tech Inc.
The Nature Conservancy
US Geologic Survey / PNAMP
Client Roots
Project Snapshot:
TNC's Miradi Dashboard:
A tool designed to daylight the accomplishments of conservation projects around the world – with a few clicks, project managers can push quantitative measures from a desktop application to the web, sharing them as interactive visualizations.

Working with The Nature Conservancy, we built this prototype tool to let users upload a Miradi project file and share its objectives and indicators with teammates, or the general public.

2012 (Apr-Jun), $15K
BPA/NOAA’s CHaMP system:
Project Snapshot:
Metro's Terramet:
Started by assessing Portland Metro’s info management needs and analyze data workflows. We then delivered a custom-built system.

In April 2012, Sitka rolled out Terramet, an internal system for tracking 330+ historic land acquisitions, and 100+ active acquisitions. Within a month, Metro closed its first acq. that ran through their new workflow.

2010 – present, $930K
Project Snapshot:
USGS’s Monitoring Methods:
USGS (PNAMP) and Ecotrust-sponsored tool for documenting and sharing protocols, methods, metrics, and indicators related to species and habitat monitoring of all kinds. Includes online community tools (discussions, subscriptions, etc.)

Hundreds of users have authored over 700 protocols and 1400 data collection and analysis methods.

2010 – 2011, $300K
A tool for BPA/NOAA that automates data flow from field studies to data center, distilling hundreds of measurements taken at over 350 sites in 10 watersheds and automatically calculating over 100 metrics, making field data available for analysis days after being collected.

During 3rd field season, we will continue to consult on data flows, enhance handheld data logger, improve back-office software.

2011 – present, $712K
Project Snapshot:
BPA’s Taurus:
An innovative web application that helps BPA manage and collaborate on the largest Fish & Wildlife restoration program in the world.

Designed from the outset to make information about the program easy to find, understand, and analyze from many angles, this exciting project is reshaping the role that technology plays in environmental stewardship.

2008 - present, $4.8M
Brian Knowles,

Keith Steele,

Matt Deniston,
Damon Hess,
Project Snapshot:
BPA'S Energy Efficiency Tracker
BPA’s Energy Efficiency group is a leader in promoting energy efficiency in the Pacific Northwest. BPA is partnering with their regional wholesale power customers to meet the aggressive energy efficiency targets found in the Northwest Power and Conservation Council's Sixth Power Plan.

EE Tracker is a web-based tool to manage, track and report the budget, expenditures and energy savings for all of the initiatives and programs managed by EE staff.

2011– present, $1.1M
BEF's Confluence:
One the Willamette River Initiative's goals is to improve operational efficiencies and data management capabilities of Willamette River watershed councils. Sitka worked with Bonneville Environmental Foundation to build a simple web tool to track landowner contacts and project details.

2011- present, $60K
USGS’s Monitoring Resources:
Monitoring Resources is a suite of complementary tools designed to guide and assist practitioners with their monitoring programs, from the early design stage through implementation and generation of descriptive statistics. It also serves resource managers, funding entities, and policy makers by given them a comprehensive view of monitoring programs and projects that are occurring or have occurred in a given spatial extent.

2011 – present, $650K
Thanks for your time!

Sitka Technology Group
309 SW Sixth Ave, Suite 575
Portland, OR 97204
“I appreciate all your efforts to accommodate staff requests large and small.
Our team here is really embracing this new tool so much more quickly and easily than I imagined.

That speaks to the intuitive design and thoughtful approach to really understanding what we do and how we do it.”

— Kathleen Brennan-Hunter, Director of Natural Areas Program, Metro
“Thank you so much for the excellent online dashboard.

It’s been great working with you and I’m very pleased with the product you delivered.”

— Dan Salzer, The Nature Conservancy
“The region should feel real ownership in what we’re doing for fish and wildlife, and this gives anyone the tools to see exactly what we’re accomplishing at any level of detail.

We’re not just saying we’re doing good things for fish, we’re saying, ‘Come and see for yourself what we’ve done.’”

— Greg Delwiche, former VP of Environment Fish & Wildlife, BPA
“I wasn’t sure how I was going to fulfill the needs of this process/database [monitoringmethods.org]. But with the ability to get those closest to the field work able to edit the method descriptions in your database directly I think we can achieve what the region seeks here – this works so much better than me having to get the info from the field guys and trying to enter it myself – and makes the end product much more complete and accurate too.”

— Bill Bosch, Confederated Tribes & Bands of the Yakama Nation
Started working together
Added 3 staff, reached $1M
Began Pisces project @ BPA
Formed Sitka LLC,
began Taurus project
Diversified client base,
added staff, grew footprint
Increased to 16 staff, reached $2.5M
Evolved practice areas,
invested in productization, new segments (NGOs), & espresso
Quick to pivot / adjust
Adept at managing / leading change
Agile design & delivery of software
Product visioning & management
Technology architecture
User Task & requirements analysis
Software development and GIS
Systems management & hosting
Project Snapshot:
Project Snapshot:
Project Snapshot:
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