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What are text features?

Identifying and Understanding Text Features

Brittany Forbes

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of What are text features?

What are Text Features?
Text features are features (pictures, graphs, titles, etc.) that bring attention to important information and assist a reader's understanding.

is a title?
A title is the name of a passage or text.
How does a title aid the reader?
A title can give you a basic idea (main idea) of what the passage is about.
What is a heading/subheading?
A heading/subheading is the title of a smaller section or part of a passage.
How does a subheading aid the reader?
Heading and subheadings help you see where different information is located in a passage.
Let's check out an example!
What are key words in bold face and italic print?
These are words in special print.
How do key words aid the reader?
These words are in special print so that you notice them - like vocabulary words!
What are sidebars?
A sidebar is information given in a separate location on the page.
How do sidebars aid the reader?
Sidebars often give extra information that is related to the passage.
What are illustrations?
Illustrations are images included in the passage.
How do illustrations aid the reader?
Illustrations can help show you what will be important in a passage.
There are many types of illustrations, including photographs and drawings/paintings.
What is a graph?
A graph puts numerical information into a form that is easy to see.
How do graphs aid the reader's understanding?
Graphs show changes over time and relationships between parts of a group.
What is a diagram?
A diagram is a picture that shows how things go together.
How do diagrams aid the reader?
Diagrams show how something works or what it is made of.
What is a timeline?
A timeline organizes historical events along a line that is broken down into units of time.
How do timelines aid the reader?
Timelines put events in order and help easily show the length of time between events.
What is a map?
A map is a diagram or illustration of an area.
How do maps aid the reader?
Maps help give you a visual of a location.
Maps also include tools to help you read them. Such as a compass, key (or legend), and scale.
What have you learned about text features?
What is a subtitle?
A subtitle is information under the title.
How does a subtitle aid the reader?
A subtitle usually gives the main idea or a summary of the text.
What are captions?
A caption is information that explains an illustration (photo, drawing, etc.).
How do captions aid the reader?
A caption usually gives the who, what, when, where (and sometimes why) of an image.
1. Create a title and caption for this image.
2. How do your title and caption help the reader better understand the image.
Oh, no! All of the text features we just learned about have drowned in the Pacific Ocean!
In pairs, you must choose one of the text features we've covered so far today.
Then, create a vocabulary cheat sheet for your selected word.
Finally, create a rough draft obituary honoring your recently deceased text feature!
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