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Dagoberto Polanco

on 9 February 2016

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Transcript of Cognates-Cognados

Cognates ~ Cognados
the tomato
el tomate
When you're learning a new language a
is an easy word to remember because it looks and means the same thing as a word you already know.

For example
in English means the same as
in Spanish
el tomate
Words that you recognize from
another language, as they share a
common root, or origin.

ejemplo: gratitude & gratitud
the tomato & el tomate

Words that are
cognates have a shared origin-like
both come from the Latin word
, meaning "thankfulness."

Are you thankful for coganates?
I know I am!
Here are some more cognates:

1. la ambulancia 9. el secreto
2. el tigre 10. la opinión
3. la radio 11. la curiosidad
4. la television 12. naturalmente
5. pizza 13. la securidad
6. fabuloso 14. la cultura
7. el saxofón 15. calculadora
8. el teléfono 16. el tren

Is the word
a cognate? ¿Sí o no?
But be careful! There are also
cognados falsos
! You think you know what the word means, but it can be misleading!

ejemplo: la sopa the soap

la sopa
the soup
Unos cognados falsos:

1. la ropa
2. asistir
3. largo
4. once
5. la carpeta
6. el delito
7. los parientes
8. el pie
9. la fábrica
10. el fútbol
1. the clothing
2. to attend
3. long
4. eleven
5. the folder
6. the crime
7. the relatives
8. the foot
9. the factory
10. soccer
So how do you say, "football"
en español?
el fútbol americano
¿Cuál es más popular en Delsea?

¿El fútbol?
¿El fútbol americano?
En inglés, ¿qué es un cognado?
Denme ejemplos, por favor. (You all give me examples, please.)
¿Son fáciles o
difíciles los

the tomato
Note: (regarding the following examples)

1. If the word ends in -ar, -er, ir, it's most likely a verb

2. If it has an article in front, it's a noun

3. If it has neither, it is an adjective

4. Words that end in -mente are adverbs AKA -mente= -ly
el, la, los, las,
un, una, unos, unas
Cheat Sheet for COGNATES
¿Puedo ir a tomar agua, por favor?

(May I have a drink from the water fountain, please?)
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