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Nick Hornby

Biography on Nick Hornby the Author of many famous novels, biographys, screenplays, articles and essays.

Alexandria Pollock

on 19 January 2010

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Transcript of Nick Hornby

Nick Hornby

1957 - Nick Hornby is born
1968 - Parents seperated
Late 1960's - introduced to his nations soccer team
1983 - Hornby began writing
1992 - frst critical work published titled "Contemporary American Fiction"
- followed by first autobiography "Fever Pitch"
1993 - wife gives birth to autistic son Danny
1994 - Hornby asked to edit collection of sports writings
1995 - "High Fidelity" first novel published
1997 - wrote screen play for film version of "Fever Pitch"
1998 - "About A Boy" second novel published based during Kurt Cobains suicide in 1994
1999 - film version "High Fidelity" released
2001 - third novel released "How To Be Good"
- appeared as guest editor in "De Capo Best Music Writing 2001: The Years Finest Writing on Rock, Pop, Jazz, Country, and More"
2002 - criticized British government for poor assistance towards parents of autistic children in "Observer" newspaper
- donated awarded money from book sales to Treehouse charity for autistic children
- published collection of essays entitled "Songbook"
2009 - latest novel "Juliet, Naked" released

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