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Health-Eating Disorder Project

Maya Iyonmana

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Bigorexia

By: Maya
Teacher: Mr. Araujo
Due Date: December 8th 2014

What is Bigorexia?
Bigorexia is:

* body image disorder

* makes men and women feel the need to bulk up and have lots of muscle in their body

*the lives of people with bigorexia revolve around going to the gym and drinking protein shakes

The symptoms of someone that has bigorexia are:

*skipping social events to work out
*extreme workout methods
*frequently looking in the mirror
*using excessive amounts of food supplements
*distorted body image
*neglecting work in order to exercise
*exercising even when injured
*avoiding social situations where there might be more muscular people
*use of steroids

Excessive Amount of Food Supplements
Distorted Body Image
Causes and Contributing Factors
Some of the causes and contributing factors of this eating disorder are:
the stereotype that men are supposed to be big, strong and muscular

Who is Affected?
both men and women, but men are more susceptible

common in bodybuilders

Cures or Treatments
cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)
a combination of these help reduce obsessive thoughts and gain control over things like looking in the mirror and working out

Mental or Physical Ailment
bigorexia is a mental ailment





Prevention Strategies
there are no prevention strategies as it is a somewhat new disorder

but for people who are feeling depressed or have low self esteem it is recommended that you get help from a counselor
may have been bullied for being overweight or too scrawny
low self esteem
starts with being bullied as a child
the bullying causes low sef esteem
people with bigorexia feel that when they have huge muscles more people will like them
they continue with muscle growth thinking more people will like them
Use of Steroids
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