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natural law

No description

Sayf Goweiny

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of natural law

NATURAL LAW News Article
Face to face with Joseph Kony’s Child Symbols:
- Guns
- Muddy shoes
Critical theory: Formalistic approach – The boys gives us detailed inside information on how Kony is treating the children and what he makes them do Critical Theory What critical theory would you relate this to? Tragedy Archetype Complete Innocence: Before the children gets taken they might not have seen the evil world
Completion of an Ideal: Kony completes his ideal of kidnapping children
Individual Faults: Children not strong enough to resist
Natural Law: Kony is able to control his army without anyone really able to stop him
Shock + Horror: Children forced to kill News Article
Face to face with Joseph Kony’s Child Plot: Reporter Rory Carroll met child soldiers of the Lord’s Resistance Army and they tell him what Kony made them do. Joseph Kony forced children to kill their parents and friends. Forced them to join his army and brain washed them with drugs
Setting: Rehabilitation centre in Uganda
Characters: 2 boys talking about Joseph Kony and what he does to the children in his army
We get inside information on how Joseph Kony is breaking rules of humanity and act with no morals.

. “The Tunnel” – Friedrich Durrenmatt Tragedy Archetype:

Complete Innocence: Passengers were unaware and undeserving of the fate bestowed upon them
Youthful Innocence of Experience: Although the chief conductor is aware of what’s happening, he does not tell the passengers.
Completion of an Ideal: The young man finds out what is happening to the train
Individual Faults: Signs of hamartia (error in judgement), thought he was on the wrong train
Natural Law: ”Every man for him self” when the train fate is inevitable
Shock + Horror: Nothing passengers can do, must accept death “The Tunnel” – Friedrich Durrenmatt Conflict: Although the young man is quite certain that there is something wrong with the train, nobody seems to believe him. The bigger conflict becomes more evident when the young man is told the fate of the train, and there is no way out.

-Young mans appearance

Critical Theory: Psychological Approach
- Young mans psychological fear of the world around him is what causes him first to notice something out of place on the train Table of Contents -Introduction ( i.e. What is natural law?)
-Short story – “The Tunnel” by Friedrich Durrenmatt
-News Article – Joseph Kony
-Movie - 2012
-Song - Earth song by MJ
-Monkey Commercials Similar Similar to child soldiers in Blood Diamond
Solomon’s son gets taken away and put in the child army and drugged Connection to Natural Law When no one can control the deeds of Kony morals seem to disappear and he can do whatever he wants
He creates his own laws and his own community
Everything is upside down and human rights can not be equal

9:30 even a little kid knows it is wrong and how the morals of what is going on do not exist What Is Natural Law? Definition: Theory or belief that certain rights exist independently of any government’s granting of those rights

-Every man for himself

-Breakdown of laws, morals, values Joseph Kony All over Facebook and Twitter
Who has seen the video Kony 2012? “The Tunnel” – Friedrich Durrenmatt Plot: An antisocial young man boards who fears the world around him boards a train that enters a small tunnel. 20 minutes pass, but the darkness continues. The man soon learns that the train is heading downward at a quick rate, and death amongst its passengers is inevitable.
Setting: the story is set on a train in Switzerland
Characters: *No names are given throughout the story*
-Young man
-Train conductor
-Chief conductor

Theme: inevitable disaster By: Olt, Viktor, Seif, Kate, Sathira Events are escalating to the end of the world
Governments not publicizing the apocalypse– targeting to save only the wealthy
The main character struggles to save himself and his family too.
Everything is getting destroyed and out of control
hard time getting in the ark. Plot Man Vs. Circumstance
Man Vs. Nature
Man Vs. Man Conflicts Lots of allusions to mythology and history
Mayan Calendar
Great Flood
Strong use of literary devices
Do you guys think any other Critical Aproach would suite this Movie? Critical approach – Formalistic Approach “A phase of tragedy that overshadows the hero and allows the audience to look down on the action…” - end of the world; beyond the hero’s control, he can’t stop it; allows focus on the actions
“…characters feel trapped—like in a maze;…” – the doctor struggles and tries to do everything to get him and his family into the ark
“…breakdown of laws morals and values of society…” – no real order in society. Real fate of humanity dictated by the transformation of the world. Every man for himself and his family. Natural Law The White House is hit by its own submarine
Ignorance of the public is a symbol of other things we are ignorant of – such as Global Warming
End of calendar = symbol for supernatural prophecies from around the world Symbols All around the world
United States of America
Rio De Janeiro Settings Doctor - Jackson Curtis
Ex-wife of the doctor - Kate Curtis
Indian astrophysicist - Jimi Mistri
U.S. President - president Thomas Wilson Characters Fate (of the world)
Segregation Themes The natural law is broken in this story. Because humans lively hoods are destroyed, their source of food is damaged.
The Humans are left without food or places to live, which shows the broken Natural law . How to relate to Natural Law The conflict in this story is Man against Nature because Michael Jackson is making references to the man cutting down trees which causes for the loss of the animals habitat, murdering animals to for the humans advantage. The Conflict This song has taken place in three different geographical locations such as the Amazon rainforests, Croatia and Tanzania. The Setting Of The Story
The plot of the Earth Song is destructing of the earth by cutting down trees, animal cruelty and etc which causes people who live with the nature to lose their homes. The Plot “What about sunrise ,What about rain ,What about all the things ,That you said we were to gain.. .” , this meaningful song that was composed and produced during the year of 1995 by the legendary pop artist Michael Jackson, he states about the animal and environmental cruelty that society has placed upon the earth. The Summary Summary Symbols: The monkey with a gun symbolizes that he is in authority and has the say in the situation, and the young couple symbolizes that they are vulnerable and are unsure of what to do in the situation
Theme: Father vs. Daughter – because the monkey acts like the father figure by protecting the girl from the boy since he seems like a threat Critical Approach The mythological approach could be tied in too because it is showing that the monkey’s in these cases are in control over society which is speculative on anthropology since they used to rule the animal kingdom before humans, but now that humans are around they are the second most intelligent organisms on the planet. This is a mind a natural law type scenario because in these situations the course has discoursed from reality and become more like an unrealistic possibility of monkey’s ruling over humans. Relation to Natural Law These videos relate to natural law because the tables are turned in each situation
The monkey’s in each of the 3 situations are in control and have a higher level of authority compared to the humans
Society revolves around the monkeys in the situations
Ex. Video 1 & 3: the monkeys are the CEO’s and bosses of the business, and the human is merely another employee, which is different than how it would be in real life completely
Ex. Video 2: the trunk monkey pops out in the back of the car and acts like a highly protective father figure, and the fact that he is carrying a gun is also a symbol of natural law because factually monkeys do not act that way in real life Summary Theme: Individualism vs. Society because the human employee is the only human in the business and the rest are monkeys, and also he is the only one at the meeting with a lower position and class compared to the monkeys since they are all bosses and he is just an employee working at a cubical. The human gets ridiculed by the rest of the monkey bosses
Symbols: The embarrassment and shyness of the human after the monkeys play the prank on him shows lack of power and authority he has in the office, and the confidence and unhesitant behavior the monkeys possess displays the power they have over the human Summary Characters: Monkey employees and bosses, and the one human employee
Setting: Office workplace environment in a building
Plot: The monkeys are in a meeting environment and waiting for the human employee to arrive, and when he does, they place a whoopee cushion on his seat under him to embarrass him and treat him more worthless than the others Monkey with Whoopee Cushion (Video 3)
Monkeys are in control by being the heads of the office and work space
The human comes in to present an idea but monkeys humiliate him with whoopee cushion
Shows a sense of power and authority the monkeys have over the human Summary Symbols: Monkeys have a big office and suits on with nice attire symbolizing they are the bosses, and the human works at a little cubical with less freedom symbolizing he is in a lower class of society in the scenario
Theme: Animal vs. Man Irony – Because in this case the monkeys are in control over the human, and monkeys go against humans opinion and disregard him even though he is right, showing little respect Monkey Office Rulers (Video 1) The monkeys are celebrating because sales in the company seem like they are rising
Then their human employee points out that the graph is upside down, so the monkeys stop celebrating
Atmosphere is turned around, but in the end monkeys are still in higher authority than the human Summary Characters: Trunk monkey, and the couple on the date (young boy and girl)
Setting: In the car at a view by a cliff
Plot: The couple is on a date at night, then the trunk monkey pops out with a gun protecting the girl from the young boy because to him he seems like a threat Monkey with a Gun (Video 2)
A couple is on a date – stopped at a view with their car
The trunk monkey pops out in the backseat with an AK47
Reason is to protect the girl from the guy, and he is in control, acting like a father figure in the fact that he is protective of the girl Summary Characters: Office monkeys, and the Caucasian human employee are the main focus points in the video
Setting: An office workspace inside of a building
Plot: Monkeys celebrate for apparent rising sales in company, but then the climax of the video comes when the human employee points out that the graph is upside down Critical Approach The critical approach I would diagnose these videos with would be the psychological approach because in all the videos the monkeys are dancing and not hesitant on how they act towards the human, showing that they have control not only physically and financially, but psychologically too
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