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When Creating Rainmaking

About sales and marketing of Consultancy and Knowledge as such

Henrik Blomgren

on 20 April 2018

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Transcript of When Creating Rainmaking


Reality is in the middle
"Its not rocket Science. Expertice sell by itself - So what is your Real Expertice?
"There is a reason why consultancy companies have marketing departments and sales people"...
What is achieved here?
Does he know what he is doing?
Does he know why he is doing it?
What does This LinkedIn-expert Really say about networking?
Why is this Podium created?
Does this CEO know what he is doing?
I bet my head off:
You will do great!
Is there an art even in Cold Calling?
Content...And "Form"
....But what do they do, and why?
"I dont know anything about Luck. Just that the more I train the more lucky I get"
Do you See The difference?
Marketing "as learning"
is a strong model!
There is a huge difference between good and bad attention...what was his basic mistake?
Let us ask our parentes if it was the internet that invented "Networking"
Rockefeller said:
Go up early, work hard, go to bed late
- Marketing is like every profession: Training matters

Or as in "Fame": We start by paying in sweat!
William Spetz have done loooot of videos.
But What if:
- I teach you "to much"?
- I talk over your head?
- I tell what you already know?
- I talk and you dont understand?
- You get bored?
- I dont engage you?
- I try to force you to learn?
- And i OVER-SELL?
Your intention behind calling!
Know your audience!
Feel them.
Gazillions of "Tricks" worth learning exist
- Never on toilet without work
- How to shake hand
- It is different from beeing right and having right. And making people wanting you to be right?
- The first 30 seconds Matter!
-Two people at same meeting
- No Over/Underdress
- It is seriously difficult to be loved by everyone (if trying that to hard you might end-up beeing hated by everyone)
- If you have nothing to say, be quiet
- Break rules,,,,sometimes...but not always
- Become better on what you are good at and take help from others on stuff you are bad at!
- Your shoes
- No Serifs on PPT
- Count 3 and 7
- Ethos, Logos, Pathos
- Oneliners, Pictures in heads
- Pictures remain
- The opponents brain constantly conclude (Pelle Metar)
- Help them draw the circle, dont do it for them
- Jobs "By the way"
- Find your own Gadgets (I myself use music)
Rethorical figures/Analogies/Metaphors:
"Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning."
One out of few Really relevant suggestions I heavily belive in:
- Your own way is the trick!
- The "Ultimate" competitive advantage where no-one can beat you!
- Be good/great at "being you"
Setting the scene
accepting the scene
What scene are you?
- Big stage, small stage, media?
- Intense, listener?
- PPT vs No PPT at all
- Pushy, soft?
- First, Last, Middle?
Some options: Opera/Hard Rock/Family/Academic Conferences/Blues/Melodifestivalen/Football Arena/The Bar/The office/Airports/Museum/School/Playgrounds/Movies/Walk in the Park/Radio/Facebook/Blogs
Love-affairs and personal friends are great trainingplaces
Worth knowing:
- You don´t create friends by needing them at the beginning
- You give...then you get
- The more you give, the more you get
- Networks of people do not exist without people
- Numbers seldom counts
- Pretend seldom works (in Sweden)
- If you are not interested in people then skip it and leave it to others...and use them
Todays cold-calling is not only calling:
- It is E-mailing (Overcrowded soon)
- SMS (Robots soon)
- Social Media (The art of chatting, not to long, not to short)
- But Same Intention needed
What do people try to do on LinkedIn?
Teaching in order to create a position and increase demand?
Worth knowing:
- More than 50 % of advertising is now on the net, particular Mobile and Social Media. Who are the future winners?
- 20 % of the users run Facebook, 80 % eat it. Who are the future winners?
- Social Media is totally owned by women. Who are the future winners?
- The new Podium is already Mobile Social Media, Blogging etc. Who are the future winners?
Lets find the differences....
Compared to...
Does it matter how we look?
Does it matter how I look?
Does marketing and sales matter?
Ford Hardings
Is there a need?
Can we help you?
We think there is a need!
We can help you!
(A new Concept, a method, a reference...)
- Discussing
- Writing proposals
- Negotiating
- Closing

For hours, days, weeks, years
The Sales-Funnel
(If you belive in the "Process-model")
Who x How x What = !
How about start creating your
own Role-model?

You are impossible to beat
as you!

But it is a life-time-journey to become great being you!
Same goes for
What song are you?
Dont forget Ally McBeal
HiQ = Backyard Babies
Netlight = ?
Accenture, Sweco, Tyrens = ?
Wingårds Arkitekter = ?
Facebook = ?
Setting up meetings
During a meeting
How come
Hans Rosling
could make it?
Find a Scene
How to write a "great" Email (Quickfix-method):
1. Decide What you want
2. Just write (dont change yourself)
2. Put it away for at least a day
3. Delete the first section (it was only there in order to make you "warm")
4. Look in the middle to find the headline (A number for instance)
5. Move into the headline (only there to make them open it)
6. Fine-tune the text, make it shorter etc
7. Press send
The art of Selling and marketing "Knowledge"
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