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The Modernism and the Great Gatsby

No description

Meera Mistry

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of The Modernism and the Great Gatsby

Modernist characters
more on modernism
Modernists believed that the
Traditional ways of life were no longer valid
The loss of meaning in human existence (or the“loss of ontological ground”) has made our world a moral wasteland.
Modernistic Literature
1. Stream of consciousness
2. A description of city life
3. Loose references to time
4. Corruption of the American Dream
Major Themes in Modernism and the Great Gatsby
On a quest to recreate themselves
Attempting to live rationally in an irrational world.
How is Fitzgerald's
The Great Gatsby
a Modernist novel
Corruption of the American Dream
Living life with no rules/absence of religion
Corruptness in city life
Works Cited



functions of the characters
Each major character represents aspects of the modern world
Daisy-lack of a universal plan or God
Myrtle-social class division/poverty
Jay- corruptness of the American Dream
Modernism and
The Great Gatsby
By: Meera Mistry

What is it?
It was a philosophical and artistic movement of the early 20th century which portrayed the world of men as a
harsh, hostile environment in which life had lost its meaning and men and women were isolated from each
other - struggling to survive alone.
way the story is told

Elements of literature written during the modernism period:
The Great Gatsby is a modernist novel.
This can be seen through analyzing the
way the story is told
functions of the characters
, and the
major themes
of the book.

The story of Nick's summer in New York is not told in chronological order. instead it is told in a series of flashbacks told in random order
For example, we discover Gatsby's past in Chapter 6.
Jay Gatsby- ultimate modernist hero
He is a man who refuses to accept the
life into which he was born, and he undertakes an incredible task: to reinvent himself into something completely different.
His faith in himself and his dream is extraordinary, and it sets him apart in his world
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