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Copyright Assignment

No description

Beau Brown

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Copyright Assignment

Copyright What is protected by Copyright Pictures Information Films Articles Basically anything that is written or done on your own How long does Copyright last What Copyright Covers Plagiarism What is Copyright Copyright is giving the right to : Publish Print Use the Authors original work Copyright lasts depending on the type of information
it is. It can last up to 70 years
after the author's death Once it has reached this
period in time it is open to the public Novels Poems Plays Newspaper Articles Paintings/Drawings Photographs Advertisements Maps ETC Dangers of Plagiarism Why People Plagiarise What is Plagiarism Because their lazy Other important things due Just Plain evil Plagiarism is basically the same as copyright Plagiarism is taking credit for other peoples work Fail that subject Their are many dangers of plagiarism they are: Suspension In Worst Case Scenario Expulsion Getting Sued BUT By Beau Brown
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