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Social Media Week SMEM Results

Analytics from the Borough of Manasquan's social media efforts during Super Storm Sandy.

Michael Clarke

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Social Media Week SMEM Results

Social Media for Emergency Management Post-Sandy Analytics Focus on your mission Allocate Resources What type of content is most effective? Top 13 Cities reached are in FEMA Region 2 The audience is 25-54 years old and is most likely female. Overwhelmingly content was shared peer to peer (i.e. virally) Lessons Learned It was extremely helpful to have developed a year’s worth of posts and tweets in advance for staff to use and reference. Column A broadly categorizes the messages into topics, allowing the user to apply a filter and display the message choices for the scenario. Column B contains a recommended time to post the message. Top 4 followers have over 136,000 followers Having built the Facebook and Twitter pages in advance allowed the Borough to immediately assume ownership and start implementing what they learned. Having two “dummy” sites (one of Facebook and one on Twitter) allowed the participants to practice their newly learned skills through live drill exercises without the fear of friends or colleagues seeing their posts. There was a lot of concern about privacy. To ensure nobody’s personal information could be compromised we set up a “fake” Facebook account (in the name of the Borough’s first Mayor) for staff to login and use instead of their personal accounts. Distributing the EPA workflow for how to respond to a post was incredibly helpful to the participants to help illustrate that sometimes the best answer is no answer. It is essential to have a strong social media policy in place and enforce that policy. #SMWSMEM
#SMEM Michael Clarke: @MediaMikeDC
Joe Delorio: @ManasquanOEM
Kasey Parr: @Kasey_Parr
Kim Stephens: @Kim26stephens The BoM had 387 "likes." 11 days later, Sandy made landfall on 10/29/12. In the eight days following landfall they will receive an additional 2,657 likes and have a reach of over 106K. 10% of Manasquan residents now like the Manasquan Facebook Page 97% (103,277) of those views were viral There were 2,559 unique visitors to the Borough’s page on October 31, 2012 resulting in 12,432 page views, the most in one day The first post made about Sandy on FB was 10/18/12. There were 782 new likes on October 31, 2012 alone. The Borough uploaded over 1,400 photos (30+ albums) and one video during and after Hurricane Sandy More likes (1,389) came from mobile devices than any other source. Two weeks after Sandy The BoM had 399 Twitter Followers compared with 23 Followers on July 8, 2012 (a 1,635% increase) Most re-tweeted original message: “Red Cross to be stationed at the 3rd Avenue Parking lot Sunday from 9am to 3pm. Please pass the word. #manasquan #redcross #sandy” Most re-tweeted message from another user (3,902 re-tweets): “RT @fema: #Sandy East coast, search for open shelters by texting: SHELTER + a zip code to 43362 (4FEMA). Ex: Shelter 01234 (std rates apply)” Wednesday, October 31 BoM sent 19 Tweets `
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