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Overall appBuilder

No description

Weever Apps

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Overall appBuilder

Social Tab (Facebook & Twitter) About Us/Products Mobile Coupons Additional Questions? Please contact our support team at the email
address below if you have any additional
questions or concerns!

Email: support@weeverapps.com appBuilder Interactive Mobile Media (YouTube) Thanks for using Weever Apps! Mapping Events - Reach a larger audience with mobile

- Promote your products & services

- Build your brand, promote your company

- Interactive and personal engagement with your mobile users
- Streaming social feeds keep app current

- Users view posts within your app

- Longer user engagement

- Tweets and #hashtag feeds

- Combining social improves campaign effectiveness
- Redeem instant coupons

- Preferred mobile customer incentives

- Immediate engagement

- Increase impulse purchases & revenue

- Scan > QR Codes/Bar Codes

- Detect locally > NFC - Bring your products and campaigns to life

- Product demonstrations, seminars and more can be streamed on video - with sound!

- Photo product galleries

- Increase user engagement - List all upcoming promotions and events

- Promote special offers - Map locations, including GPS directions right to your front door

- Increase traffic to your location
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