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Pita Pit Malaysia

No description

Renae Horn

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Pita Pit Malaysia

Company Background & Product Description
Founded in Canada in 1995
Moved to US in 1999
Over 185 locations in US
Over 100 locations in Canada
#124 on list of 500 best franchises
GDP/Capita: $6,700
Population: 85 Million
Urbanization: 43.5%
Country Description
Demographic Factors
Social and Cultural Factors
Economic Factors
Market Segmentation
Target Market
Market Specific Adaptations:
Fresh Thinking, Healthy Eating
Lebanese Style Pitas
Healthy alternative to fast food
Made to order with lean meats and vegetables
Also offer salads
Price (in Toledo) $6.60
GDP/Capita: $9,300
Population: 1.3 Billion
Urbanization: 50.6%

GDP/Capita: $17,200
Population: 29 million
Urbanization: 72.8%
> Choose Malaysia
Constitutional Monarchy
67th largest land mass
Large cities: Kuala Lumpur, Klang, Johor Bahru
29 million people
50.4% native Malays
Language: Malaysian
Mostly native Malays
Large Chinese and Indian populations
Mostly Muslim
24th leading exporter
27th leading importer
Trading partners: US, Singapore, China, Japan, and Thailand
Exports: Electronic equipment, textiles, chemicals and solar panels
Imports: Machinery, petroleum, electronic components and plastics
3 Ringgits = 1 USD
High school and college aged citizens
ages 15 - 24
health conscious,
modern lifestyle

Business Professionals
ages 25 - 54
41.3% of population
> Chose high school and college aged segmentation
High school and college ages:
Health conscious
Fast paced lifestyle
More likely to eat food away from home
May stay and spend time with friends more than the business people segmentation
Smaller pitas: Full pita, Half Pita
Same brand, name, and colors
Younger appeal, hip twist
"Freaky Fast"
Offer new product: Falafel
Alcoholic beverages
Natural Juices
More technology and modern tactics
Focus on younger crowd
Focus on lounge atmosphere
Social Media (Twitter, FB, etc.)
Promotional Contests
Online Discounts
Smartphone App
University involvement (student discounts, sponsoring events, etc)
Newspapers (student and local)
Line and chose ingredients
Close to college compus
Late hours
TV with soccer games
Group atmosphere
Slightly upscale, modern
Close but slightly more expensive
Slightly higher price than competitors
Higher price to promote cool brand and health oriented food
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