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Customer Journey Map for GroupXY

No description

xin wei

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Customer Journey Map for GroupXY

Customer Journey Canvas Persona
Xin (new Danish form Chinese) Service
E-service website Service Provider
Børnehuset Ørnebo Design Team
Group XY Service period Post Service Pre Service Service Journey Which touchpoints do customer
experience through the customer journey?
Are there any critical incidents. i.e. touchpoints the customers experience as good or bad? Advertisement/PR Social media Word of mouth Past Experiences Experiences Expectations Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction Customer relationship management Social media Word of mouth Which pre-service information can people access through social media?
talk box
BBS What do friends, colleagues and family actually communicate about the service and/or service provider?
Persona communication
Write information by notes
Body language
Follow other parents Which experiences do people have with similar service and/or service providers?
Information on wall
Nervous Memories What are (potential) expectations towards the service and/or service provider?
Xin login in the Børnehuset Ørnebo's own website, she found some useful announcement about Christmas on the main website. Then she go to another pages, one of them can book the pictures for her daughter at school, the other can share the experience between the parents. It's amazing and quite good news for such parents. The website also provide more actives, it's help the new danish integrate into the society. What are the individual experiences customers have with the service and/or service provider during the service period?
Xin can’t speak Danish, so when she wants to ask some questions about Lilja, or know some information from the kindergarten, she feels so hard. Only few teachers can speak English, most of teachers can only speak Danish, they can’t have a good communication when Xin wants to ask something.
Xin can’t join the parents’ association because this meeting can’t come with child, she can’t leave her girl at home alone. Her husband always works in the evening, so he can’t join it either. Xin wants to know more information about the parents’ association, she hopes they can announce online. Customers individually assess the service by comparing service expectations with their personal service expectations.
After the interview about Xin, she is satisfied with this Børnehuset own website. What do customers tell their friends, family and colleagues about the service and/or service provider?
Online talk (Facebook, Twitter)
Month to month What do customers communicate about the service and/or service provider through social media?
Wifi How does the service provider follow-up with customers?
Own website
More clear information with pictures
Announce online
Q&A system
Talk box
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