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The Field by John B. Keane

JC Ordinary Level Question

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Transcript of The Field by John B. Keane

The play I have studied is "The Field, by John B. Keane" Name a play you have studied where an unusual event occurred. Describe the event, how the characters react to the event and whether this made the play more enjoyable. The Field by John B. Keane is a gripping agricultural drama, centred around the brutal killing of a man called William Dee. The play is fascinating to audiences for many reasons... The Bull McCabe is the main character in the play, and he is the main perpetrator of the crime. He is the "progagonist". William Dee is the primary threat to the Bull's control over the Field. He is a returned emigrant, and with success in the English concrete business under his belt, he now wants to turn the Field into a quarry. It is ideal for him because it has access to water. The Threat? The Bull and Tadhg hid in the field. They engage in idle chatter; They talk about the crows, Tadhg's mother, his success on the romantic front, and the importance of the land. The calm before the murder The Bull McCabe is a heroic figure, despite his violent actions Choose three quotes which demonstrate that the Bull wants Tadhg to love the land. Numerous characters have a guilty party to play in this abhorrent crime. The most noteworthy are the Bull McCabe and his son, Tadhg. What do we know about the Bull? Can you think of two quotes which show his love of the land (and related things like cattle)? He is a large intimidating character, who frequently seems violent, especially to the less domineering character of the Bird O'Donnell. He will do what ever is necessary to protect the land from trespassers and outsiders. A small farmer, he is has only one interest. That is "the Land". Hardly a day goes by, when he doesn't extoll the virtues of owning land to his impressionable son Tadhg. Many audiences find the Bull's actions to be justifiable. Many people wonder what we might have done differently. We might wonder if we would do the same The theme of land is something most Irish people recognise and respect;
Therefore, he is a strong symbol of being Irish. He is a strong male figure
He is prepared to defend his property
He is violent
He seems to have a sense of honour, inspite of the murder For these reasons and many more, The Field continues to entertain audiences William Dee is very different from the Bull
He is very well spoken.
He does not use violence
He doesn't care about the land
He is generous with his wealth
He is not intimidated by the Bull. He enjoys the friendship of many people, including the solicitor Nesbitt, the priest, and the publican's always flirtatious wife, Mamie. He enters the auction believing that he is going to get fair play, and thinks that locals will obey the rule of law. The Bull threatens Dee, but these seem to have no effect on him. The presence of William Dee puts the Bull's plans for owning the field in danger. With the support of Tadhg, the Bird, and his cousin Dandy McCabe, and the more reluctant help of Mick, Mamie, and Leamie Flannagan, he decides to deal with Dee himself. What is the Bull's defense if he is accused of harming Dee? "That's great now. 'Tis a weight off my mind to know my friends are behind me...

...Twill be the same as if we never left. Right, Dandy?" Watch the video from The Field (film): What reason does the Bull give for loving the land? Why do you think that the land is important to a man like the Bull McCabe? What emotions does the actor use to demonstrate the Bull's love of the land? Find quotes to show each of the following in Act2, Scene I:
The Bull's genuine affection for his son
The importance of land
The difficulties the Bull has with his wife
The importance of marrying a woman who can work on the farm The Murder of
William Dee Having waited for Dee to arrive, the Bull and Tadhg are alerted by the Bird O'Donnell They are in playful humour and jump out on him, scaring him, and putting him in a bad humour How do you think that tension is created so far?
(The time of day, the props used, the positioning of the Tadhg? etc.) The Bull eventually appears before him from the shadows...
Meanwhile Tadhg sneaks to his back, preparing to set upon him at his father's command. William Dee eventually arrives, not noticing the Bull or Tadhg in the darkness. He does not expect that he will mee anyone "Turn around and go home" The Bull warns Dee. Dee refuses to leave, claiming he has a right to see the field... "I'm legally entitled to look at the field..." Finally, violence breaks out...

"The Bull draws a sweeping blow with his ashplant..." Tadhg, coming from behind Dee, joins in the fight by grabbing hold of Dee, and the Bull proceeds to hit him with the stick The audience hear the screams of Dee, as he is pummeled to death, with the ashplant and vicious kicks from Tadhg Finally, the Bird, terrified that they might have killed him, rushes in to stop the beating. Stop it... stop it! That's enough, we only want to frighten him Stop... stop! ... or you'll do it for him... The Bull calls off his son... It is too late. Dee is dead... The Bull is visibly shocked by the result of the action He promises that he will always remember William Dee, when all else have forgotten him His innate Christian nature returns to him and he whispers the act of contrition in his victims ear. Later, after he has taken over the Field, he is still racked with guilt and inner turmoil. He is a deeply troubled man, though he lets no one see it. He will not face Dee's widow... What is happening in the picture? What emotion do you think the Bull is feeling at this moment? What does the video tell you about what the Bull thinks about William Dee? Many people idealise the character of the Bull McCabe because I like the Bull because... I think he was perfectly entitled to protect his land. He is a strong, confident, male role model He is a custodian of the land, someone who will look after it He is a patriot and a rebel. What is dislikable about the Bull McCabe? Is the Bull McCabe the most important character in the play? Why? The Bull is a protagonist? What does this say about his role in the play? Is there a key moment that show's us the nature of the Bull's personality?
What is that moment?
What key lines are there which tell us about the Bull?
How does the scene tell us about how the Bull gets on with other characters?
Does the scene give us other sides to the Bull's personality? Explain your answer.
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