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General Photography Introduction

An introduction to basics of photography and few tips and tricks

Bishwas Bhatta

on 28 June 2011

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Transcript of General Photography Introduction

Question Photography Basics Disclaimer Attending this presentation doesn't guarantee that the audience will be good photographers instantly.
The presenter does not take any responsibility for any bad photos taken by the audience hereafter. NO Owning a DSLR Starting photography Simple digital camera is more than enough
Take as many photos as you can
Review the photos and identify what looks good and what looks bad
Try to implement what you've learned the next time
Know your equipment and utilize it's strengths and also weaknesses At least 6 months before upgrading Composition Rule of Thirds Divide the view into 3 horizontal and 3 vertical sections Framing Creating a virtual frame with objects withing the image Negative Space Giving large empty space around the main subject Use of Lines and Curves To guide the viewer's eyes To add elegance to pictures Less clutter Minimum number of prominent objects Active Space Give viewers space to look into and imagine Color/ Brightness/ Focus Contrast Difference between background and foreground
or main subject and other elements Use Different Angles Don't use old angles Interesting Ideas for a shot Minimalist Shot Panorama Silhouette Patterns Textures Black & White Sepia Children Candid Shots Post Processing Creative Cropping Level, Color, Contrast Ctrl + Shift + L -> Auto Levels/Tone
Ctrl + Shift + Alt + L -> Auto Contrast
Shift + Ctrl + B -> Auto Color
Framing Giving a border to balance color/contrast or draw attention to subjects Finally Practice, practice, practice Try to break the rules Experiment Don't be lazy Study other's work and get inspired Have FUN Your first 10,000 photos are the worst ! Capture with your mind first, then with your camera Photographer DSLR OWNER square of (a+b) ?? Formula for perfect photograph ? Do I need a DSLR ? boring - Bishwas Bhatta
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