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Abraham Maslow

No description

Danielle Lynch

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Abraham Maslow

His parents were Jewish immigrants. He didn't get along with his parents, his father was mentally abusive and his mother was cold and insensitive. They weren't well educated but wanted the children to be. Abraham was faced with overcoming racism as he grew up. Deemed mentally unstable and had a very low self esteem.

and mentors
Peak Experiences Female Sexuality

A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself
Other Theories
These of moments in one's life when one feels complete, or whole. They will feel an overwhelming happiness, allowing them to see life in a new light. Maslow believed that everyone is capable of having peak experiences. Some people may not realize that this is what they are experiencing. He thought that it can be very therapeutic to have a peak experience. These can give one a sense of purpose.
One of his earlier theories is on female sexuality. Its idea is quite simple, in saying that dominant woman are more drawn to rough dominant men, and submissive woman are more drown to gentle, kind men.
Began studying law at City College of New York
It wasn't until he went to University of Wisconsin that he became interested in psychology.
Worked with Harry Harlow exploring attachment behavior
Back in New York after graduation, began working with E.L Thorndike on human sexuality
Worked with psychologists like Adler, Fromm, Horney, and many Gestalt and Freudian psychologists while in Brooklyn.
Kurt Goldstein was very influential in the creation of Maslow's famous Self Actualization theory.
June, 8, 1970
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Inner Nature Theory
In the beginning of his career Maslow worked with monkeys, it was during these experiments that he realized that some of our needs are more important for us to fulfill than others. He arranged these needs in a pyramid.
Believed that everyone has an inner nature
Unlike other animals, our inner nature is ignored
All "good" behavior is a result of inner nature, "bad" behavior only being reactions to frustration.
Maslow believes when we ignore our inner nature we become "sick, sometimes in obvious ways, sometimes subtle ways, sometimes immediately, sometimes later"(p.4). Encouraged others to use our inner nature, because when we go against this nature, we are not living to our full potential
He believed that those who are likely to repress their inner nature will have a sad life and never reach self actualization.
Abraham Maslow
Abraham Maslow, James Olds, David C. McClelland - 1955. Copyright: Department of Psychology - UNL
Hierarchy of Needs
Physiological (basic): anywhere from the need to breathe and drink, to the need to have sex and be active
Safety and Security: the need for acquiring safety and protection
Social: the need for relationships, romantic and friendly, and to engage in a community
Esteem: broken into two categories, lower and higher. Lower revolves around the need of acceptance from others, the higher is the need for self-love
Self-actualization: To reach your full potential, or more complete. Once one reaches self-actualization they will never stop
Implications of Maslow's Theories
Teachers use Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory in their classroom when dealing with students
Hierarchy of needs theory used in parenting (even in our own parenting course!)
An ongoing name in psychology
By Danielle Lynch
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