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No description

blaise bastien

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of hawaii

honolulu hawaii getting there and travel where am i staying activities currency and exchange rate places to eat and foods climate safety concerns us airways 1 stop at charlotte depart at 6:35 am and arrive at 1:34 pm leaving july 3rd 2010 coming back july 10 2010 i would be staying at the iliaki hotel 317$ a night for a room 4 stars near many resturants and shopping centers dining area inside of resturant beautiful ocean view of place scuba diving tours providing boats and gear
price-90$ 7 am to 11 am helicopeter tour of hawaii's volcanic landscapes
price-229$ for all day surfing rentals price-25$ for surfboard hummer tours rental price-79$ for day cliff diving at 7 scared pools average high is 89 degrees average low is 75 degrees july temperature is 88 degrees sunny alot of the time one dollar in canada is equal to 98 cents
of the american dollar so canadian is worth 2 cents less than
america's 1 dollar bob's bar-b-que located on 2365
Kalakaua Avenue pizza hut-4 locations macodonalds- 1055 S Beretania St China Buffet- 1830 Ala Moana Blvd
inside of the ilikai hotel there is a dining area the concerns are not major because
of how hawaii is such a large tourist
attraction is manages to stay friendly
only regular concerns are in play basicly

just dont leave your belongings alone
especially not in your car be aware of your surroundings stay away from china town as it is populated
with homeless people
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