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Alix Benson

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Belize

By Alix Benson

Their money is called the Belizean dollar ("Belize Facts." National Geographic.)
The spanish currency was the most common in the country
in 1825 the british wanted to show that they had power over the colonies so Belize became one of the first British colonies to have adopted the pound sterling coinage for its official legal tender.
the exchange rate was at 4 British shillings for every Spanish dollar
the country immediately outlawed in an attempt to get rid of the left over British currency
this currency lasted for nearly 50 years
it was changed because in 1873 the price of silver dropped which caused the currency to not be as high in value
wanting to maintain a gold standard the Honduras dollar was born
each piece of the currency was emblazoned in the british monarchy ("A History of the Currency)
the Belize dollar symbol is BZ$
One U.S dollar equals to 2BZ$
in 1894 issued banknotes in denominations of 100, 50, 10, 5, 2, and 1 dollar
after 1928 they stopped making 100 and 50 banknotes
in 1976 the printing of banknotes was overtaken by the Monetary Authority of Belize ("BZD)
Current Issues
One current issue that Belize is dealing with is domestic violence against women. It occurs in every ethnic group and occupational status in Belize. Around 90% of women who are abused say that their partner or spouse was the cause of it. These type of crimes result in death, disfigurements from mutilations, burnings, and beatings. The victims of these crimes are striped of their humanity. Ironically women are view to be under the protection of men. However if they were under the protection of men should they not be beat? Not very many women speak up when being abused because there is not a support system for these women. Also domestic violence is consider to be taboo especially in rural areas. One reason why these crimes happen against women is the lack of education. Some men in Belize believe that women are not equal to them so therefore they can do whatever they want to them. These crimes are affecting the country in a huge way. Some of those ways are crimes, health care, and poverty. Domestic violence needs to stop now because it is hurting the country and preventing it from moving forward.

Population is 340,844
Life expectancy is 68 years old “Central Intelligence Agency”
Literacy Rate
men 76.7%
Women 77.1%
Median age
men 21.6 years
women 22 years
total 21.8 years
Age structure
0-14 years 35.3% (male 61,480/ female 59,000)
15-24 years 21% (male 36,432/ female 35,093)
25-54 years 35.5% (male 61,112/ female 59,809)
55-64 years 3.6% (male 7,719/ female 7,807)
65 years and over 3.6% (male 5,848/ female 6,544)
Population growth rate 1.92%
birth rate 25.14 births / 1,000 population
Death rate / 1,000 population
urban population 52% of total population
rate of urbanization 2.7% annual rate of change
Infant mortality rate
20.31 deaths/ 1,000 live births
male 22.78 deaths/1,000 live births
female 17.7 deaths/ 1,000 live births (Central Intelligence Agency)
based on the statistics it shows that Belize is a growing country.
the Belizean people tend to take pride in their appearance
men in the professional field tend to wear guayaberas which are loosely worn cotton shirts that are sometimes embroidered
people who work in
usually wear uniforms
women traditional wear dresses and skirts to work however pants are becoming more common
agriculture workers tend to wear old clothing with rubber boots or flip flops
Casual wear is common for leisure activities
Evening and religious events call for the best dress
in rural areas clothing is usually causal
Maya people usually wear traditional clothing
for men includes
work clothes and straw hats
for women includes
long, heavy brightly colored skirts
white embroidered blouses
Garinagu women usually wear traditional clothing
colorful blouse
matching knee length skirt
head scarf ("Belize" CultureGrams)
Family life
Gestures and Manners
Information Technology
Traditions/ Holidays
Global Contributions
Critical Thinking
Critical thinking
Critical thinking
Critical thinking
Critical thinking
Critical thinking
Critical thinking
Critical thinking
Critical thinking
Critical thinking
Critical thinking
Critical thinking
Critical thinking
Critical thinking
Critical thinking
Critical thinking
Critical thinking
Critical thinking
Critical thinking
Critical thinking

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The climate is very hot and humid
Their rain season is in May to November
Dry season in February to May (Central Intelligence Agency)
during the rainy season the north part of Belize typically gets 60 inches of rain
in the south typically gets 160 inches
in the south part of the country July tends to be their wettest month
Through October and April Belize experiments cold fronts
The cold fronts peak in December and July
cold fronts come about once every 10 days
During the dry season April tends to be the driest month
inland the temperatures tend to be 88.3 degrees F
Coast the temperatures tend to be 86.2 degrees F
Mountain Temperatures tend to be 77..5 Degrees F
inland 31.3 C
Coast 30.1 C
Mountain 25.3 C
Inland 68.9 F- 20.5 C
Coast 72.6 F - 22.6 C
Mountain 63.8 F - 17.1 C ("Hydromet - Climate Summary.")
With all of the information about the climate in Belize it shows that it does play a huge part in the way the people of Belize live. For instance hurricanes destroy homes and towns. People then have to rebuild them and by doing that it cost the government money to fix the houses.
Belize has a climate of its own. With the amount of rain they get every year and the temperatures allow for some of its delicious fruit to grow. However with the amount of rain they get every year helps them financially but also hurts them economically. During the rainy season there can be floods which is not a good thing. The reason why the houses in Belize are usually off the ground is so then they don’t get flooded every year. Despite some of these things Belize has a great climate to live in.

Currency is a huge part of the daily lives of every country in the world, including Belize. Every country in the world has changed their currency at least once. Belize is no exception. The government has changed Belize's currency at least three times. While doing this may help the economy it can also hurt it. When changing currency everyone has to change their money to the current to the correct currency. People are then unable to use the old currency because it is no longer valued. The British did this when the price in silver dropped dramatically and was no longer worth anything. Therefore changing the currency is a good thing as well as bad.

The major issue in Belize is domestic violence against women. This has been major problem for years and nothing has been done to stop it in any way. The subject of domestic violence is consider to be a taboo subject. The government has not done anything. For instance they have not put in laws to stop it or give the women protection from their attackers who are experiencing this violence. Education is desperately needed. Most people don’t realize that lack of education is a huge player as to why this is happening to women. Domestic violence is hurting Belize’s economy. Its not growing because women are not in the workforce. Therefore there at not many women who are leaders which could potentially help the women who feel like there is no way out.
Belize has overall pretty good conditions. Their literacy rate is high but could be a little bit higher. Also the elderly commonly live to be in their late 60s. However there are some things that could improve the country. The government could issue more hospitals, doctors, and nurse. Therefore the infant mortality rate would be lowered to. Also then the elderly would live to be much older. When looking at an overview of Belize’s main demographics is seems for the most part a well developed country. Although there is always room to improve.

Belize has its own unique sense of style. The traditional clothing is usually very colorful and has unique designs on it. However the more modern clothes is very similar compared to the United States. What the people of Belize wear mainly depends on what part of the country. For instance if they live for in a rural area they would tend to wear work clothes or clothes that they would not mind getting dirty. Also what religion they are apart of would play a huge role in what they would wear. Whether that would be traditional clothing or casual wear.

Garment production
food processing
Exports include
fish products
Natural resources include
lumber ("Belize Facts." National Geographic.)
GPD per capita
GPD- composition, by sector of origin
agricultural 13%
industry 23%
Services 64%
Labor force
Total 120,500
agricultural 10.2%
industry 18.1%
Services 71.7%
Unemployment rate 15.5%
Population below poverty line
Export partners
U.S. 31.8.5
UK 21.9%
Nigeria 4.8%
Japan 4.1%
Netherlands 4.1%
Import partners
US 23.6%
Germany 15%
Mexico 11.5%
Cuba 8.4%
Guatemala 4.8%
China 4.7%
Singapore 4% (Central Intelligence Agency)
I would say that Belize does have a weak economy because they have an unemployment rate of 15.5% and the population that is below the poverty line is 41%.
Despite some of the setbacks that Belize has faced it is doing pretty well overall. However it could still be doing much better. For instance Belize's service industry has grown drastically. Unfortunately the poverty line is too high. It is estimated that 41% of the population is in poverty. One problem that has made this happen is the unemployment rate which is around 15.5%. The government needs to create more jobs so that the unemployed will no longer have no jobs. This would help the economy by putting more money into the country. Therefore the poverty line would drop majorly and so would the unemployment rate. Also if other countries see that the Belize economy is improving they will most likely want to do business with them.
School life expectancy
men 13 years
women 14 years
total 14 years (Central Intelligence Agency)
Space in secondary school is limited
Getting into secondary school depends on ones passing the Primary school examination
Children are required to attend school until the eighth grade
Most students do not complete their primary education due to
Family obligations
other factors
Majority of Primary and Secondary schools are church operated
The churches receive large government subsidies
Students must pay fees
the students have to buy their own books and supplies
usually have to wear uniforms
those who complete secondary school can attend
Junior college
teachers college
Mandatory classes
Physical education
social studies
Language arts
School size usually depends on the funding of the school and if it is a public or private school ("Belize" CultureGrams)
In Belize if someone would want to get an education their choices would be going to a private school or public school. Depending on where a child goes to school their education will either be better or worse. Private schools in Belize tend to have the best education. However it is also very expensive. Schools everywhere in Belize have to pay in order to get an education. Which is odd because of the fact the it is mandatory for them to go to school until the age 14. One reason why the poverty is so high in Belize is because of the dropout rate. Families simply can’t afford to keep their children in school. The cycle will continue to be this way until the government steps up and lowers the price of education. By lowering the price of education it would help the Belize economy because then more people would get a higher education and would bring more money into the country.
families tend to be big
most of the time the families has extended family
common for grandparents to raise their grandchildren when their parents have left Belize for economic or other reasons
Adult children tend to live at home until they marry or have children
minors create the majority of the population
Single- parents are abundant among the creole population
Women tend to be the leading family figure
Common to have generations living together without an adult male
in some homes the father takes the leading role
Women are more inclined to work outside the home than older women. ("Belize" CultureGrams)
the people tend to not live in apartments
they usually rent homes
houses are painted different pastels
plastic floral decorations are very popular
Traditional homes are usually simple thatched huts
children and babies tend to sleep in hammocks
in the coastal areas homes tend to built out of wood are cement and put on stilts to protect against hurricane flooding
there are sometimes security bars over the windows
designed in an elegant fashion ("Belize" CultureGrams)
Women usually take care of the children and the house
Women usually marry and start having children their teenage years
men usually tend to support the family
children usually go to school and help their mother around the house ("Culture Crossing)
Belize seems to like a very well developed country up until you see their normal sized houses. A huge difference can be seen here. Here in the United States almost every women works. This is the same for Belize. However along with working outside the household women are expected to take care of the home and the children as well. In Belize the families tend to be bigger because extended family will usually live in one household. This is not too common in the United States. Even though the house tend to be much bigger in the United States then in Belize.
In the center of the flag is a large white disk bearing the coat of arms
Coat of arms is features a shield flanked by two workers in front of a mahogany tree with the related motto of SUB UMBRA FLOREO
on the bottom there is a scroll
Colors stand for the two main political parties
Blue for the PUP/ Peoples United Party
Red for the UDP/ Opposite party
The people, tools, mahogany tree, and the gradland leaves all stand for logging industry that led the british settlement in Belize ("Belize Flag - Colors Meaning)
National flag was adopted in September 21, 1981 when Belize gained independence from Britain
One of the workers in the flag is carrying an axe while the other is carrying a wooden oar
The mahogany tree was important to the early economy in Belize
The shield is divided into 3 sections
The top two sections have tools for wood cutting while the bottom features a ship.
The ship demonstrates the importance in wood-cutting and boat- building
Under the men and the shield there is a banner that says sub umbra floreo which means under the shade I flourish
sub umbra floreo is the national motto in belize
Encircling all of those things is a chain of 25 leaves
In the Belize flag there are 12 different colors
Flag has been used unofficially since 1950 but without the top and bottom red stripes
Coat of arms was granted to Belize in 1907 ("Belize Flag." , Flag of Belize)
The flag of Belize is a perfectly represents the country and its people. It stands for the hard workers in Belize who made the country what it is known to be today. In the flag it shows two workers one is carrying an axe while the other worker is carrying a wooden oar. In September 21,1981 the flag became what it looks like today. It was changed because Belize broke free of Great Britain. Before that there were no red stripes on the bottom of the flag.
most common staple is white rice and kidney beans
may have
stewed chicken
popular staple among the Maya people is corn
tortillas may be present at every meal
fish and seafood are common on the coast
popular foods
tamales (corn meal dough stuffed with filling and steamed with banana leaves)
panades (fried corn shells with beans or fish)
meat pies
escabeche (onion soup)
chrimole (soup)
garnaches (Fried tortillas with beans, cheese, and sauce)
Vegetables are usually limited and have to be imported
Fruits that are abundant
they tend to have 3 meals breakfast, lunch and dinner
women tend to cook the meals at home
people in belize like to go to restaurants
some popular restaurants in Belize are
Bird’s Isle
Riverside Tavern
Orchid Garden
when having guest over or family people tend to eat in their house
on holidays people usually eat their house as well ("Belize" CultureGrams)
1 Can GRACE Corned Beef
1 Tablespoon GRACE Coconut Oil
1 Can GRACE Red Kidney Beans
1 Tablespoon GRACE Fish and Meat Sauce
2 Tablespoon Chili Powder
1/2 Can condensed Tomato Soup or Sauce
8 Cups Shredded Green Lettuce
2 Cups Tortilla Chips
1 Small Sour Cream
1 Large Chopped Tomato
2 oz. sliced green onions
1 Pack shredded Cheddar cheese
1/2 Can slice pitted black olives
Preparation / Preparación
In medium skillet over medium-high heat cook GRACE Corned Beef, GRACE Coconut Oil, GRACE Fish and Meat Sauce and chili powder until browned
Stirring in separate meat
Add drained GRACE Kidney Beans.
Add condensed tomato soup/sauce and reduce to low heat and heat through until thicken
Arrange chips on a medium-large platter, place shredded lettuce on top.
Spoon meat & beans mixture over lettuce.

1 Can plus 1 Cup Grace Coconut Milk
1 Pkt. Grace Coconut Milk Powder
2 Teaspoons Grace Curry Powder
1 Teaspoon Malher Garlic Powder (Sal de Ajo)
3 Red or Black Snappers
1 Teaspoon Freshly Grated Ginger
2 Cloves Garlic (minced)
Grace Coconut Oil for frying
2 Teaspoon Thyme
1 Medium Onion (diced)
1 Habanero Hot Pepper (diced)
1 Sweet Pepper (diced)
Preparation / Preparación
Clean and wash hole fish with lime.
Pat and dry with paper towel. Season fish with MALHER Garlic Powder ( Sal de Ajo) and thyme. Using a large fry pan, fry fish until golden brown and set aside. In the same fry pan, sauté onions and sweet peppers
Add GRACE Coconut Powder. Cook until mixture is thick and bubbly.
Arrange fish in the sauce making sure they are completely covered. Simmer for 10 minutes.
Serve hot over the white rice.
(Kennedy, Grace.)

Belize cuisine is made up of so many different foods that most people in North America haven’t even heard of. They have a wide variety of recipes and traditional meals. Some meals are served only on a special occasion, while others are eaten daily. Belize and the United States tend to eat the same types of fruits and vegetables. However here in the United States we put the meals together differently than what they would do in Belize. The food in Belize has always been linked deep in their culture and will continually do so.

Capital is Belmopan.
Area is 22,965 kilometers or 8,867 square miles ("Belize Facts." National Geographic.)
is bordered by Guatemala with 266 km and Mexico with 250 km
Belize is 516 km around land boundaries
Its coastline is 386 km
Terrain is Flat, swampy coastal plain, low mountains in the south
Elevation at lowest is Caribbean sea at 0 m
Elevation at highest point is Doyles Delight 1,160 m
Only country in Central America that doesn’t have a coastline to the North Pacific Ocean
Total area is 22,966 sq km
Total land area is 22,806 sq km
Total water area is 106 sq km (Central Intelligence Agency)
There are the Maya mountains are in the southern part of the country
The height of the mountains goes to about 1,100 meters
The cockscomb mountains have the highest peak which is the Victoria Peak (1,200 m)
The most historical river is the Belize
it drains more than one-quarter of the country as it winds the northern edge of the Maya mountains across the center of the country to the sea near Belize city
Sibun river drains in the northeastern edge of the Maya mountains
New river which flows through the northern sugar growing areas and empties into Chetumal Bay
A lot of the rainforest in belize are located in the Maya mountains (Coutsoukis, Photius.)
Almond hill Lagoon located in Cayo district
Cocos Lagoon located in Corozal district ("Belize." - Lakes)
Belize has a very unique and beautiful landscape. With a large variety of different terrains like high mountains, beachy shores, lagoons, and rainforest. The rainforest play an important role in the Belize economy because that is where most of their wood comes from. Also off the beachy shores of Belize there is fishing which is exported to many different countries. There are so many wonderful sights to see in Belize. Overall Belize has is all when it comes to sightseeing and landscapes.
Men with other men
Formal setting a handshake
know each other handshake and pat on the shoulder
or initiate some form of physical contact
Women with other women
Formal or semi- formal setting they shake hands
if they know each other they might hug
if they know each other they might also do a brief touching or a cheek to cheek light kiss
Women and Men
formal or semi-formal a handshake
if they know each other
cheek touching
light kiss on the cheek ("Culture Crossing.")
Dining etiquette
guest must be served first
finish everything on your plate
take small proportions so that you can be offered more and there is still some for everyone else
if you are finished with your plate push it away slightly with the silverware lying parallel on the side of the plate
when eating tortillas tear it into little pieces while eating. ("Belize." International Dining Etiquette)
pointing and starting is considered to be rude
sucking air through the teeth is considered to mean “give me a break”
people might hiss to get another person attention
it is especially offends women
to hail a taxi or a bus people move their hands up and down before the vehicle the passes
the Belizean people tend to be very friendly and hospitable
when visiting a person home they hail the person loudly who lives there until they come out
the host usually offers the guest refreshments like a drink of some sort
some consequences for theses gestures is someone getting in trouble. People may sue
The culture manners show that the people of Belize are very friendly ("Belize" CultureGrams)
Belize gestures are all about being respectful to others. Making sure others do not feel like they are being treated rudely is a great priority. Their manners are pretty self explanatory. Things like waving and smiling are always very much appreciated. However much like in the United States it is very rude to point or stare at someone. There is one of Belize’s gesture that you would never see or hear in the United States and that is making a kissing sound with their lips. When someone does that they are either telling you to get out of their way or trying to get your attention. This gesture is not rude in any way and is socially acceptable. Overall Belize’s gestures and manners are to make sure everyone feels treated fairly.

Parliamentary Democracy and a Commonwealth realm
Capital name is Belmopan
Gained independence in September 21, 1981
Legislative Branch: Consists of 12 seats.
Executive Branch
Chief of State: Queen Elizabeth 2 since February 6 (1952)
Head Of Government: Prime Minister Dean Oliver Barrow Since February 8 2008
Cabinet: Cabinet appointed by the governor general on the advice of the prime minister from the general Assembly
Orange Walk
Stann creek
Toledo (Central Intelligence Agency.)
Executive branch includes
Governor general
Prime minister
Deputy prime minister
Government has three branches
Executive "What Is the Belize Dollar (BZD)?"
type of government is Parliamentary Democracy ("Belize - Culture, Customs & Etiquette.")
A Parliamentary Democracy and a Commonwealth realm is a type of government that lies its supreme power among its people who can elect people to represent them.
The Belize government is stable and has been in place for 33 years ("Parliamentary+democracy.")
The government of Belize plays an important role. It allows the people to of Belize to have a say of what goes on in their country. Its a very stable government. One reason for that is that is has been in place for 33 years. The Belize government is much like what the American government is. Also it does not make the people choose who they are. What that means is that the people of Belize can be any religion that they want. Even though most people in Belize are Roman Catholic.
Maya settle in Belize 2000 B.C.E.
Toltec invade and destroy the Maya empire 987 C.E.
Spanish complete the conquest of the Yucatan peninsula 1542
British buccaneers settle coast, later turn to logging 1640s
Slavery abolished 1833
Guatemala claims the area now called Belize 1839
Belize formally becomes a British colony named British Honduras 1862
British Honduras renamed Belize 1973
Belize becomes fully independent nation 1981
Diplomatic relations between Belize and Guatemala established 1991 (Cavendish, Marshall. "Belize.")
In Belize slaves were usually used for logging. Slaves in Belize were different then other countries. instead of the slaves working on plantations they worked in the forest. However there were a few similarities like being separated from their families and masters having control of their lives and treating them like nothing but mere property. Most of the slaves were brought to belize in the early 18 hundreds from the West Indies. Some of the slaves also came directly from Africa or the United States. Most of the slaves maintained to hold onto some their heritage for they still identified themselves as the tribe they were from in Africa. Over time the population of the slaves began to decrease. It began to decrease from malnutrition, disease, ill treatment, over worked, accidents, and even suicide. During the 1820 Superintendent Arthur had reported that the slaves were being treated inhumanely. This was the beginning of the end. In 1833 the slaves were finally freed under the Abolition act. Even though slavery was abolished there were not any changes. The slaves continued to work for their owners without pay. This lasted for a few more years. ("History of Belize)
Belize is very enriched with history. They have had problems with neighboring countries and ones that are across the ocean. However they have never seemed to give up their culture and way of living. One thing that they have never given up is logging. In fact it is such an important part of their history and culture that it is on the flag. The history of Belize is what made the country what it is today.

10 out of 100 people have a fixed line.
70 out of 100 people have a cell phone
There are 8 privately owned TV stations
Cable TV has access to foreign stations
about 25 radio stations that broadcast roughly 50 different frequencies.
Radios have been state-run since 1998
Internet country code is .bz
internet host compared to the world is 152- 3,392
internet users compared to the world is 178-36,000
Telephone/ main lines used compared to the world is 180- 25,400
Cell phones compared to the world is 184- 164,200 (Central Intelligence Agency.)
This information tells me that the people who live there do have access to technology but just not as much as the rest of the world might have.
Oddly, Belize uses quite a bit of technology. Based on prior knowledge of Belize and it’s poverty and unemployment rates one would think that they would not have very much technology. Belize uses about just as much technology as the United States. However they do not have as many radio stations or television stations. With all of the technology in Belize it helps the people to communicate with each other and people in other countries. Mostly everyone in Belize has some sort or technology that they use and that number will continue to grow and grow.

The official language is English
widely spoken language is Spanish
main languages that are spoken there are
Creole ("Belize Facts." National Geographic.)
Arabic ("History and Culture of Belize." )
Christmas greetings: “Merry Christmas” or “Felize Navidad” ("Holiday Traditions)
My name is…. : Ah nayhn or Mee naym
What is your name? :Weh yu nayhn?
Whats up? : Weh di go ann
Good morning : Gud Maanin
How are you? Da how yu di du (Woods, Silvana.)
Alphabet is the same as the English system
They read right to left
Start up and move down the page. ("Alphabets.")
Spanish is the most commonly spoken language in Latin American. Even though is it spoken quite often in Belize it is not the official language. That would be English. However in the early years of education it is not uncommon for teachers to speak Spanish to their students in order for them to understand. The teachers speak Spanish because at home the kids are most likely hearing and speaking one language which is commonly Spanish. Even though the government has established that English is the official language many people still do not speak as much as Spanish or other languages. This is important because the people of Belize should be able to understand each other in one language and should use that language in their homes and schools.

Mayan civilization religious festivals were marked by flute music, drumming, and dancing
Percussion still plays an important role today
Mestizo favor marimba music
music with base
Mexican mariachi music
Sentimental folk music
played on violin
a fusion of African rhythms
Popular among the Creoles for over 100 years
now played with modern electric instruments
Brukdown has a few followed series of Afro-Caribbean sounds
a Caribbean dance music became popular in the 1980s
Garifuna Punta rock
most popular
highly amplified
uses traditional drum rhythms and lyrics in the Garifuna language (Cavendish, Marshall. "Belize.")
Belize’s love for music really defines their culture. With music they are able to express themselves through the song and instruments. Songs can tell stories that are important to the people of Belize. Music can also be a form of art. Also music is a huge part of holidays and festivals. Music can bring musicians from around the world to one spot. Which would also help the country financially. All in all music is a big part of peoples lives in Belize.

The most common religion is Roman Catholic
Protestant ("Belize Facts." National Geographic.)
Maya and Garifuna practice their own version of Shamanism and Christianity ("History and Culture of Belize." )
Roman Catholic 39.3%
Pentecostal 8.3%
Seventh day Adventist 5.3%
Anglican 4.5%
Mennonite 3.7%
Baptist 3.5%
Methodist 2.8%
Nazarene 2.8%
Jehovah's Witnesses 1.6%
Other 9.9% (Baha’i Faith, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Mormon)
Unknown 3.1%
No religion 15.2% ("Belize Religions.")
The Maya people perform masked dances
the masked dances are performed on religious holidays
celebrates the patron saint feast
some of the masked dances include
the dances are stories that tells about their religion
it also shows some of the Maya history
Religion affects the Belizean people in many ways. One way is there different religious holidays. Whether they celebrate Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah, etc. Their religion can even affect the way that they dress or eat. It affects the type of language that they speak. Also in different religions they may have different Gestures or manners compared to other religions.
In Belize there is a wide range of religions. There are at least 13 different religions and one stands out the most. This one religion would be Roman Catholic, with 39.3% of Belize’s population following, it is the most common religion in the country.
In every religion that enriched with history and cultural traditions. The Maya show the history of their religion by masked dances. Every dance tells a different story. This dances are apart of a cultural tradition as well because every year on certain religious holidays these dance are performed.

September 10 is St. George's Caye Day
there is a street party or parade
September 21st is Independence Day
March 9 is Baron Bliss Day
honors a British-born Portuguese noble who donated his fortune to the country and its people
November 19th is Garifuna Settlement day
marks the arrival of Garinagu to Belize
Belizeans celebrate Christmas with religious parades and services with feast and visits from friend and family. there is lively parties
Easter weekend is popular for vacations; religious ceremonies are limited
on May 1 they celebrate labor day
in march there is La Ruta Maya Challenge
a 4 day river canoe race from San Ignacio to Belize city
in June there is a lobster festival
celebrities the opening of lobster season in Caye Caulker
there is fresh lobster along with dancing, music
in August there is the Costa Maya Festival
its a week long celebration
held in San Pedro
there is music, dancing, and food (Gamero, Alex.)
Belize has a vast majority of holidays and traditions. Some holidays are religious holidays like Christmas or Easter. While other holidays are state holidays like Independence day. The traditions of Belize show just how enriched their culture is. Belize holds many social festivals that happen yearly. The different festivals usually bring in a lot of money into the economy of Belize. Also the festivals usually have music, dancing , and lots of food.
On the coast of Belize there is a coral reef and mangrove.The coral reef provides protection from erosion to Belize and wave damages from tropical storms. The coral reef is home to many different types of fish and plants. Also in in 2007 the coral reef brought in about $196 million into the national economy. That is just one global contribution Belize has made. ("Belize's Coastal Capital.")
Another global contribution that Belize has made is it agriculture. It provides sugar and citrus products. Belize also contributes bananas and coca. When this products are exported to other countries it gives those countries some products that are not found there.("Belize" CultureGrams)
Belize’s world contributions help many people and plant and animal life. Although not everyone may appreciate these things they can make a huge difference. Economically they help other countries with food. Geographical they are saving hundreds of animal life. As well as plant life. Without some of the things Belize does for the world, it just would not be the same.

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