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Annie Mewborn

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of S.E. HINTON

Author Biography/Background
Interesting Author Facts
Other Books By S.E. Hinton
Hinton's Genres
Hinton's Book Themes
Susan Eloise Hinton was born in Tulsa Oklahoma.
Hinton was and still is one of the most popular and best known writers of young adult fiction.
The Outsiders brought Hinton fame and publicity, she became known as "The Voice Of The Youth."
Hinton's hometown; Tulsa which is the setting for "The Outsiders" and many other of her early books.
Hinton wrote "The Outsiders" during her sophomore and junior year of high school.
Hinton chose to use only her first and middle initial (S.E.) when it came time to publish her first book, because she thought boys wouldn't read her book if they knew a girl had written it.
Hinton does no tend to stick to any particular genre, other than realistic fiction. Each book is about different things, Hinton writes about different problems and situations that occurred during her life and things she experienced and saw throughout her town.
In S.E. Hinton's books she discusses various themes. The themes are lessons she learned from her life.The themes are lessons she learned from her life. Most of the books and themes are based upon her early life, and things she experienced. In "The Outsiders" a theme is; everyone isn't the same. This could be a theme because Ponyboy thought hat all Socs were the same until he met two soc girls, and they had more in common than he thought.
The Outsiders
Kejah, Zy'aire and Hayden
Author's Inspiration
Other Facts
Hinton has written nine books: "The Outsiders", "That Was Then This Is Now", "Rumble Fish", "Tex", Taming The Star Runner", "Bid David, Little David", "The Puppy Sister", Hawkees Harbor", and "Some of Tim's Stories."
Hinton won the Anne V. Zarrow Award for Young Readers' Literature.

The Life Of S.E. Hinton
S.E. Hinton Biography

5 Fun Facts About S.E. Hintonhttp://sehinton1.wordpress.com/5-fun-facts-about-s-e-hinton/

S.E Hinton Bio
Hinton was influenced by books in general as a child. The first book she checked out at the library was "Peanuts the Pony" and that was such an important time in her life that she still remembers it today. Books and reading inspired her the most, but there is no specific book or author that changed her life.
S.E. Hinton Interesting facts
When S.E. Hinton was a young girl she wanted to be a cattle rancher, her first stories were mostly about cowboys, gun fighting, and horses. Hinton wasn't interested in "the boy meets girl" stories and wanted something more realistic and wanted to write and read about life in a real teenager's shoes. Hinton went to college for education and chose to write books rather than teach.
Hinton's book was influenced by a real life gang at her school. The book was published when she was only 17, she wrote the book throughout her high school years.
He husband made her write two pages everyday while writing he book.
S.E. Hinton Influences
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