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Matter Project For Science

No description

olivia kong

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Matter Project For Science

Its All About Matter
By: Olivia Kong
Matter: matter is anything that takes up volume and mass. The 3 states of matter are
Solid: has definite shape and volume
Gas: has no shape but has volume and it has mass.
Liquid: Has no shape but has definite volume.
Examples: Solid: Toilet, Liquid: Water, Gas: helium in the balloons.
Connection: I use the Toilet everyday, I drink water everyday, and at my cousins birthday party the balloons had helium. I'm using drinking and touching matter.

Solubility is the quantity of a particular substance that can dissolve in a particular solvent. For Example: If you put chocolate powder into hot,boiling water you have hot chocolate.

I make hot chocolate all the time. I mix the powder with water and stir it. I am drinking a solubility mixture.
We did the lab on the little cups and which one that had more density had to sink one had floated and one just stayed in between. Another connection is when Mr B put the Pepsi and diet Pepsi in a cup of water and the Pepsi had sunken and the diet floated this was because the Pepsi was more dense.
Density is mass dividing volume. And it is comparing 2 different objects of the same size.

Elements are pure substances that cannot be broken down into any other substances by chemical or physical means. Elements are shown on the periodic table
H2O is on the periodic table and is an element, it is hydrogen + oxygen is water and i drink water everyday so i am drinking an element
Heat Transfer
Heat Transfer
heat transfer is either Convection, Radiation, Or Conduction.
Convection is like the oven or a mini microwave because it is touching on the gill pan. Example: Oven
Conduction: Conduction is an example of a grill or a a stove. The pan is physically touching the stove so it can cook or collect heat.
Radiation: Radiation is like the Sun it has the most heat to collect and it spreads out its heat. The most powerful Radiation is the Sun.
Radiation: When i went to the beach i got sun burnt and that is an example for radiation because the sun was cooking me.
Convection: I always bake brownies in the oven
Conduction: My Uncle always uses the grill to cook some meat or cook some burger meat.
Connection: When I was cooking with my mom, we were making mixtures to test how they taste and I had made salt water with NACI and is two or more elements make a compound.
Compound are substances that cannot be broken down unless its chemical meanings. Compounds are two or more elements combined together.
Salt Water NCAl
compounds cannot be separated unless chemical meanings

Mixture is a combination of 2 or more pure substances that are NOT chemically combined, Substances held together by physical forces, no chemicals. NO chemicals change that take place. each item remains its properties. They can be separated physically.
Connection: Sometimes whenever i eat lucky charms i take the marshmallows out and eat them first
Thanks For Watching
Science Project about matter
made by Olivia Kong.
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