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Account Management 101

No description

Lauren McGuire

on 4 November 2011

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Transcript of Account Management 101

Collaborater and Facilitator Liaison and Negotiatior Innovator and Supporter oversee all aspects of project planning and execution to help ensure they are on time, on budget, and up to the Man Made standard ensure client and creative satisfaction through clear communication Build relationships both internally and with clients through innovative solutions and support Account Management Account Management Account Group Blueprint What's an Account Manager? not that OK... sometimes that Liaison Account Management Facilitator Collaborator Negotiator Innovator Supporter billing? timelines? creative briefs? contact reports?
monthly updates to management?
competitive reviews? Yup. Delivery and Propagation Edits and Client Approvals Sonic Strategy New Client Writing and Producing Client Presentation Producers Account Creatives Client Account Management Clear Communication Channels Our relationship begins with the creative brief... And continues throughout the full production Account is a constant through the strategy and production to help ensure the process runs smoothly... So Strategists, Creatives, and Producers can do what they do best. Deliver on great strategy and storytelling. Great work and good business comes from strong partnerships. Questions? Brainstorm Life of a job An Account Group can help you do things more efficiently, effectively and creatively... Help will be needed in the beginning... What's that word mean?
How long will that take?
How much does this cost?
What kind of file do they need?
Is that thing I just broke important? so...what do you need? Partners with Sonic Strategists to develop strategy and collaborate on the creative brief Helps ensure storytelling remains true through the process The Account Group will be what we make it at Man Made Music Internal Reviews Collaborator and Facilitator Liaison and
Negotiator Innovator and Supporter
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