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Digital Age Culture - LISD June 2013

No description

Kristi Starr

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of Digital Age Culture - LISD June 2013

Digital Age Culture
Defining "digital age culture"
What do we already have in place?
new website (almost!)
modeling capabilities
administrative meetings
CTLs & campus teams (drawn from PLCs?)
the abilities to recognize success
Where are the gaps? What do we lack?
assessment - testing vs. PBL
showcasing ideas, tools, successes
full stakeholder buy-in
Action steps
Convocation August 2013 - Dr. Robertson - model technologies (ie. Prezi, Haiku Deck, Tweetchat), tech shoutouts
roll out new website - to much fanfare
at monthly meetings between CO & principals, model technology use, discuss technology & integration; principals bring it back to campuses
E-Reporter highlights
LISD TV spotlight
on-campus recognition, rewards for integrating technology based on student projects, webpage content
highlight exemplary use during PD, staff meetings/gatherings
use students to identify technology use that is relevant, effective
Summer Leadership Instiitute - Kathy Rollo - focus on technology
increased focus on technology in PD (Sherry Mitchell, campus principals), PR (Brian Morris), with promotion of and movement toward "1 to the world"
Digital Age Culture is less a product of the technology department (though certainly supported by them) and more a mindset of district personnel from the superintendent/CEO to campus principals, teachers, students, and their families.
We want full buy-in for technology integration, and this is best achieved through modeling and collaboration. It's the mindset that prepares us for professional development and skill acquisition.
We don't want technology to be/become
what we learn or why we learn, but rather
a natural extension of how we learn.
Authentic. Relevant. On demand.
an environment in which 1-1 technology use can be nurtured and can flourish
incorporates authentic use of technology
expects access any time, anywhere
creates information consumers and evaluators
Action steps, continued
Seek examples of "good" digital age culture - a "technological Brockton HS"
Seek schools at each level (elementary, MS, HS) that are comparable & compatible with our campuses
Seeks schools as models, collaborators
identify campuses, administrators, teachers, students that already incorporate desired cultural attitude, awareness
highlight, promote (via CO, PD) campuses that incorporate, embody desired culture
full-scale promotion, expected compliance
culture spreads like wildfire, permeates all campuses
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