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Class Project, Gr.6, Ms.Ng, Group 3, Oct - Nov 2012


on 3 March 2013

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Transcript of Minerals

85% of phosphorus in the body can be found in bones, teeth, cells, and tissues throughout your body Calcium Most abundant mineral next to calcium in your body Phosphorus Phosphorus can be found in protein rich food, dairy products, nuts, and whole grains Helps filter out waste in the kidney You need phosphorus for growth, maintenance, and the repair of all tissue and cells Minerals Calcium is needed for many functions in the body including bones, blood clotting, your muscles, etc... You can find calcium in milk, cheese, and other dairy products You can also find calcium in almonds, broccoli, green leafy vegetables , and spinach Calcium is essential to plant and animal life Lack of calcium can cause osteoporosis It's in every one of your cells in your body You have more calcium in your body than any other mineral The body stores more than 99% of it's calcium in the bones and teeth to keep them strong If you get too much calcium you could get cramps The exact amount of calcium you need depends on your age and other factors Magnesium Magnesium helps with
formation of bones and teeth It assists absorption of calcium and potassium
and relaxes muscles Personality changes can occur from
shortage of Magnesium To much calcium is referred to as calecemia Magnesium also helps control the muscle tone of heart and blood pressure It may prevent certain
types of kidney stones Short supply of Magnesium can lead to many heart and blood vessel problems You can find Magnesium in dairy products,
meat,seafood,dark green vegetables and so on Group 3: Teresa X., Hank, Alec, Amanda, Ploy Potassium People under stress have low
Magnesium levels By: Amanda By:Ploy By:Alec By:Teresa X. If you eat lots of calcium, you will be very strong Makes up 1% of body weight
Potassium is a very important mineral that allows all the cells, tissues, and organs in the human body to function properly Works with Vitamin B and Calcium
It is also an electrolyte which is a substance that conducts electricity in through your body
Potassium is very important to heart function and plays the main role in skeletal and smooth muscle contraction, making it important for normal digestive and muscular function
Iron supplements can increase energy levels and your ability to learn. It plays an important role in how the body stores and uses energy Reduces muscle pain after exercise Many foods contain potassium, including meat, some types of fish such as salmon, cod, and flounder Potassium can also be found in of fruits and vegetables, as well as dairy products Having too much potassium in your blood is called hyperkalemia and can lead to many problems Having too little is known as hypokalemia and can also lead to many problems Keeping the right amount of potassium in the body depends on the amount of sodium and magnesium in the blood which will make you very healthy Magnesium prevents many things, such as depression, dizziness, and muscle twitching Iron By:Hank We need iron for lots of things Iron is a part of our cells It also carries oxygen from our lungs to
every part of our body So don't mistake it for this: or this Iron also helps our muscles by letting them store and use oxygen iron is important because it used in your body to..... Produce Hemoglobin You can find calcium in many dairy products Plays important role in body's use of carbohydrates and fats High levels of phosphorus can mix with calcium to form deposits in soft tissues, like muscle Helps maintain regularity of the heart beat For example....... Hemoglobin is a component of red blood cells that
are used to carry oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body air There are two types of iron One type iron is called heme iron The other type is called nonheme iron Heme iron is found in animal foods that contain
hemoglobin, while nonheme iron is found in
plant foods such as beans or lentils heme iron is more easily absorbed than
nonheme iron, but nonheme iron is a more
common source of iron than heme iron These are some products that contain iron: Chicken
liver beef liver turkey and many more meat products The benefits of iron is Helping you grow and......... Iron can even be stored
for future use If you don't get enough iron you will
get a lot of problems, now here are just a few you will have learning dissabilities Low body
temperatures you will feel weak and these are just some of the problems
you will get if you don't get enough iron So, if you
want to
be healthy
you should
get a lot of iron Iron is a mineral that keeps you healthy Thanks for watching! Are you sleeping yet? Magnesium may
reduce cholesterol levels
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