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"12 Angry Men" Character Analysis

No description

Anna O'Brien

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of "12 Angry Men" Character Analysis

"12 Angry Men" Character Analysis
Juror #2
Juror number two is the middle child of eight children. He was somewhat neglected and pushed around his whole life; because of this he is very meek and "wishy washy." He grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and now works as a camera man for a T.V. company. He is around 30 years old and is unmarried with no kids.
Juror number two is a very weak, timid, and wimpy man who is easily persuaded and often goes along with the majority. He does not have his own thoughts or ideas and usually jumps on the coattails of whoever is expressing an opinion. Even when he does have his own opinion, he does not contribute them to his fellow jurors. When he is called upon to make a decision, he is very hesitant and shies away from confrontation. Later on in the story, he eagerly offers cough drops to the other men during tense times of argument. Throughout the play, his vote on the verdict changes back and forth according to others.
Juror number two does not really impact the plot at all. He didn't have ideas of his own and always changed his mind. He did not contribute to anything and mostly just sat there observing. The only thing he added to the evidence was his theory on the knife; which did little but confuse the rest of the jurors. The other jurors don't like him because he was so indecisive and made everyone wait on his decision . As a reader, none of our group members like him because he could not formulate his own thoughts and required the other jurors to wait on him.
"I know they did- but I don't go along with it. The boy is five feet, eight inches tall. His father was six feet two inches tall. That's a difference of six inches. It's a very awkward thing to stab down into the chest of someone who's a half foot taller than you are. (Rose 54)"
"[To eight] - That may be true, that the old man lies in part, but I think I will change my vote once more. [to foreman] Guilty. (Rose 52)"
"[Hesitating a moment] He - [eight] -he seems so sure. And he has made a number of good points. While he - [points to three] - only gets mad and insults everybody. (Rose 48)"
Anna O'Brien
Jordan Schirmer
Kelly Perrault
Period 1
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