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Dubai Tourism

No description

Meagan Cihak

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Dubai Tourism

Dubai Tourism International Tourism Status and Trend “Dubai”
-Part of UAE
-Located in the Persian Gulf
-Subtropical Climate

-Vibrant Metropolitan city
-Rich Infrastructure
-Sophisticated, highly educated
“Tourist arrivals and Expenditures”

-Countries of origin
“Purpose of Visitation”

-Business tourism
-Affluent lifestyle and leisure
“Forecasting the future”

-Predicted number of tourists visiting the Middle East is expected to grow by up to 5%
-Cruise Industry Expansion
- Destination of the 21st century
Tourism Attractions
See fun slide International Tourism's Impacts on the Destination From Dessert to Major Tourism Hub

•Environmental Impacts
•Dubai is one of the largest solid waste contributors:
o Constant Construction
o Over 1 million residents
o High Tourism
Environmental Impacts Continued

•Carbon Dioxide Admissions
o Every 1 thousand people= 600 cars on the road
o World’s busiest airports
o 300 Dubai hotels output over 1 million tons annually
o Dubai Hotels consume 225% more energy than European Hotels
Modern City & Strict Laws
Social-Cultural Impacts

• Islamic Religion
o Dubai’s Leniency
o Freedom to Women
o Materialistic Living National Tourism Marketing Campaign

Economic Impact:
• Tourism Dollar
o Allowed Dubai to expand beginning in 2000
o 9.3 million visitors in 2011
o Tourism Revenue reaching 4.36 billion
• Without the Tourism Dollar this city would still be a dessert and could not expand at such a rapid pace. Now the skyline and shoreline of Dubai will be forever changed. Identification of SWOT Factors of the Destination All Tourism Destinations Have Four Key Aspects:

• Strengths
• Weaknesses
• Opportunities
• Threats

•Amusement Parks
•Hot Air Balloon Rides
•Camel Rack Track

•From May to September it can reach 129 degrees Fahrenheit
•Humidity will reach from 60-70%
•Not ideal to go outside during the day time

Safety & Security-
How you can end up in Jail or even Deported
•You cannot show affection in public
•You cannot consume alcoholic beverages in certain settings
•You cannot lose your temper in public
•Women must cover themselves when out in public

•Outstanding business environment
•Large conference and exhibition space
•Top notch hotels to accommodate travelers

•Solid Waste
Tourism Organizations Dubai Convention Bureau Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve Dubai Duty Free Dubai Travel and Tourist Services Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM)

Vision Statement:
“To position Dubai as the leading tourism destination and commercial hub in the world”.
Mission Statement:
Is to reinforce the Dubai economy via the expansion of sustainable tourism, the provision of an exclusive visitor experience merging quality service and value for money, Innovative upgrade of Dubai’s commercial and tourism opportunities and further expansion of partnerships with our industry stakeholders. A top leading Destination Management Business in the Dubai region

*Fine Dinning
*Tours that showcase Dubai's tradition/lifestyles Their mission is to accomplish the retail procedures at Dubai International Airport and other allied areas on behalf of the Government of Dubai. Dubai desert conservation reserve mission are seen throughout their goals and values which is to create a everlastingly secure area which guarantees the future of the region’s desert habitats and bio-diversity manages according to sound scientific ecological principles, intended to protecting natural resources and preserving original desert scenery. Vision Statement:
“We will position Dubai as the leading tourism destination and commercial hub of the world".
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