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Landscape Designers

No description

J Hunter

on 25 August 2010

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Transcript of Landscape Designers

Landscape Designers Est. 1989
International Organization
Contains A CA Chapter
Only National Certification Program
Evaluations Based on Proffesional Work
Candidates are Required To Submit 3 Projects That Consist of Design Intent Statemens, Drawings, Plant Lists, Before and After Photographs.
Submissions Are Judged By A Review Panel
Convene 4 Times Per Year To Review Applications
Designers Must be Re-Certified Every 3 Years
Association of Professional Landscape Designers Must Be an Associate Member With Minimum 4 Years Professional Design Experience

Membership Dues:
Annually: $20 - $35 Per Year
Additional Fees: $100 - $300 Member Only Events
Workshop Seminars
Access To Chapter Roster
Listed On Find A Designer Website
Informative Meetings With Speakers
WWW.APLCDA.ORG Software Beginner Software Which May be Not Extremely Costly Yet User Friendly Aesthetic Appeal
Ease of Use
Features and Tools
Support and Docutments Realtime Landscaping Plus
Landscape Deck and Patio
Home and Landscape Design Pro Landscape V.16
Chief Architect X2 Edit Plans
3d Rendering
Plan From Images
Irrigation Layout
Submitting for Bidding How to Become A
Landscape Designer? Online Classes IF based on Solid Knowledge of Landscape Design With Hands-On Experience
Not Just Reading Theory and Others Experience
Know Your Plants
Know How To work with various Soil Profiles
Failed Gardens Due to Not Considering Soil Can Lead To a Bad Reputation
Knowledge of Construction and Limits of Contractors
Listen To Client
Confidence to Tell Client What They Need to Know and Not What They Want Too
Opportunity to DO...
Sitting in on Official Meetings
Deadlines and Competitions
Working With Peers and Professors
Teaches Teamwork and to Take Criticism Constructively Benefits of Attending a School: Design With Your Heart, Create With Your Mind, Travel To See How Others Do Things, Look At Nature More Than At Books Most Importantly: Professional Organizations To Apply: Chapter Benefits: Landscape Design will add to value of A Client's Home Go to City for Plot Plan
Site Analysis
Conceptual Design
Final Design
Initial Meeting:
Gather Information
Provide Client Questionairre Features: Common Software On the Market: Professional Software: Allows You To: The Design Proccess
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