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Example Essays

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James Braun

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Example Essays

Methods of

Hyperbole: "My sister lived by herself in
neighborhoods where people
held riots on their days off."

Literary Devices con't...
Literary Devices Used:
Flashback: Ray Guy depicts a time that he has lived through, but that is much more simplistic than today.
"What feeds we use to have. Not way back in the pod auger days, mind you. That was before my time. I mean before the tinned stuff and the packages and baker's bread started to trickle into the outports"
Example Essays
Hyperbole and flashback:
"And thank God I was twelve years old before ever a slice of baker's bread passed my lips"

Outharbour Menu by
Ray Guy
The thesis to Ray Guy's essay, is change. He relives parts of his childhood and demonstrates the prominent changes his generation faced, whether they were for the better or worse.
If the essay is of a prominent person; quote them
Ex: Poet, politician, scientist, etc
Ex: "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler" (Einstein, 1948)
Personal Experiences
Narrate an incident you experienced
Ex: Did you ever move or visit a different country?
Have you ever experienced a natural disaster?
The Experience of Others
Narrate an incident you either saw in person or heard from others
Ex: Have you ever seen someone being discriminated against?
Have you ever witnessed someone stealing?
Hypothetical Examples
Many arguments speculate what might happen "
Use your best judgement to imagine the results
Ex: What would happen if the drinking age was lowered?

Numerical examples lend scientific and objective quality to an argument.
Ex: A 2008 study shows that 43% of marriages in Canada resulted in divorce before the 50th anniversary.
Other Devices
Used to plan structure of an essay or construct short but vivid examples within the essay.
Ex: Cause and effect, comparison and contrast, analogy.
Be Cool To The Pizza Dude

by Sarah Adams
Examples of Examples in this Essay
Thesis: Everyone is equal, therefore we should treat everyone the same. It doesn't matter if we're speaking with the Prime Minister or with a pizza delivery guy, they both deserve to be respected.
-Quotation: "Be cool to the pizza delivery dude; it's good luck."
-The Principles of the Pizza Dude Philosophy
-Personal Experience: "I let [the pizza guy] cut me off in traffic..."
-Personal Experience: "I've held an assortment of these jobs..."
-Cause & Effect: "[Pizza guys] never took over a company..."
-Analogy/Personal Experience: "...sometimes you're the hot bubbly cheese..."
-Comparison & Contrast: "The dude is delivering pizza to young and old..."
-Comparison: "I am the equal of the world, not because of the car I drive..."
-Analogy: The whole essay
Dos & Donts
Say Hi or Die
by Josh Freed
Thesis: This essay is Josh Freed's experiences during a stay in L.A. (A city that is portrayed to be fun and happy). Josh shows the dark side to this city, as it is out of hand and very dangerous. It is important to be friendly and stay away from scary situations.
Examples of Examples in Say Hi or Die
"Do not come to Los Angeles... it is not safe."
"I wandered into a shop called Gun Heaven (telephone: 938-GUNS) and there weren't many hunting rifles to be seen, only weapons for hunting people."
(Personal Experience)
"In the last month, a fired employee slaughtered three co-workers, a berserk professor shot his whole family, and a judge's son gunned down two policemen."
(Experiences of others)
"There were 1,100 homicides last year in L.A. proper - a city of 3.5 million people."
Many police and politicians here admit the new law is unfair and may double the number of jails. But Californians strongly support it and other states are soon expected to follow. It's a snappy solution with a snappy American name; if baseball only had two strikes, the law might be worse."
Safety First, Fun a
Distant Second

This essay is using examples to cleverly suggest how in today's society we live overly cautious lifestyles and should be more spontaneous.
"You can't feel crispness of wind in your hair while galloping though the meadows, or racing country roads on a 10 speed."
"They pay piles of money to jump off bridges attached to nothing but a giant rubber band from which they bounce - narrowly escaping the waters surface."
Figure of Speech:
"Tousling the Sheets"
"Smoke alarms stood guard in every room, shrieking warning at adults."
"...mutated into agents of danger that threatened cancer..."
"...children raised in padded environments languish like domesticated animals released into the wild..."
"In fact, during the past decade accidental deaths have plummeted..."
"Like Irish crystal, kids get dusted off...."
"...new moms and dads crawl around the floor to experience coffee-table-level perils as their toddler would."
"...Dangervision revels a parallel reality of worst-case scenarios: freak accidents, falls, fires, or drowning in bath water."
"If the average life span is
73 years..."
"Those few sweet moments after a close call felt great: nearly fell off the observation deck, nearly drowned, nearly went over the median!"
In conclusion, Cross uses many Methods of Development and Stylistic Techniques to prove to the audience that our dangers are mainly made up, and that we should take more risks in life.
Other Devices Used in Say Hi or Die
"Car jackings! Muggings! Thieves! These are the facts of L.A. life!"
A teenager put on Jim Morrison's song, "The End," and killed his father with an AR-15 assault rifle. Then he killed a policewoman, and himself."
(Experiences of others)
""Don't honk," said a friend to me recently, when a car swerved in front of us. "They may be armed!""
(Personal Experience)
"I suspect guns also contribute to the city's fervor for friendliness, which I've mentioned in other stories. In a land where anyone may have a gun, you chat with strangers partly to be friendly, but partly to make sure they are "normal" like you. Like other big American cities, L.A.'s friendliness has a slightly defensive edge. The city's motto could be: "Say hi or die.""
Ex: "I'm getting used to life in L.A. Lawless - the Dodge City of the '90s. As I write, I can hear the ever-present wail of sirens racing off toward muggings, murder and mayhem. The sky here is always sunny but to enjoy the weather it's wise to stay off the streets."
Ex: "...screamed a full-page newspaper ad..."
Ex: "...screaming Headlines..."
Ex: "The city is an armed and alarmed camp."
Ex: "...that sounded like a disposable coffee filter."
Ex: "That's like going from heaven to hell!"
Ex: "If baseball only had two strikes, the law might be worse."
Ex: "Motorists in L.A. are more polite than those back home in Montreal..."
Something that can be characterized using words/media to further understanding of a topic also enabling the reader to visualize or see the concept you are explaining.
Written examples to illustrate your point such as...
Formula of an Example Essay
Other support
*Be sure that your examples reflect your topic

*Only use examples that directly and effectively support key ideas

*Do not include too many examples
Setting: Guy Ray uses terms that are unique to Newfoundland
"Pod auger days" -> "the good old days"
"...she had a package of pufed rice someone sent down from Canada"
Comparisons/ Similes:
"We spent a long time admiring this new exotic stuff and remaking on how much it looked like emmets' eggs"
"We ate it one grain at a time as if it were candy"
"Chocolate mice shaped like rats"
"Rabbits that were skinned out like a sock"
"With the hay growing on them that looked like hairy green igloos"
"Peppermint knobs. White capsules ringed around with flannelette pink stripes. Strong! You'd think you were breathing icewater. They're not near as strong today. ..."
"Spruce beer, which I could never stomach, but the twigs boiling on the stove smelled good. Home brew made from "Blue Ribbon" malt and which always exploded like hand grenades in the bottles behind the stove"
Litote: saying something unpleasant without using negativity
"because of the novelty didn't notice the remarkable lack of taste"
"Rum puncheons. Empty barrels purchased from the liquor control in St. John's. You poured in a few gallons of water, rolled the barrels around, and the result was a stronger product that you put down $7.50 a bottle for today"
"..puffin' pig, mussels and cocks and hens, otherwise known as clams, that squirt at you through air holes in the mud flats
This entire essay is comprised of personal experience and experiences of others.

Other Devices Used in This Essay
-Imagery: "[I] let him forget to use his blinker without extending any of my digits out the window..."
-Imagery: "The pizza dude speeds by me in his rusted Chevette."
-Alliteration: "...it reminds me to
onest work."
-Alliteration: "...bringing the company to the
rink of
-Repetition: "The pizza delivery dude"
-Humour: Pizza Guy but serious topic
Safety First, Fun a
Distant Second
By: Amy Willard Cross
"... a big, silver car of European extraction with heavy metal exterior, buttery leather interior"
Variety of
Sentence Length:
Methods of
Quotes: "Get back, you're in the
electromagnetic field!"
"Buckle your seat belt,"
Outline of

1. The Basics of an Example
2. Be Cool to the Pizza Guy
3. Say Hi or Die
4. Safety First, Fun a Distant Second
5. Outharbour Menu
Almost all good writing has examples. Following the Do's and Don'ts, the formula provided, and the using different types of examples, examples can be an easy and persuasive tool in proving the point of an essay.
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