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Natural Disasters

No description

Jessica Ballard

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Natural Disasters

Kaunda, Chiyembekezo S., and Felix Mtalo. "Impacts Of Environmental Degradation And
Climate Change On Electricity Generation In Malawi."International Journal Of Energy
& Environment 4.3 (2013): 481-496. Academic Search Premier. Web. 20 Apr. 2015.

Samara Angeles, Jessica Ballard, Jennifer Flores, Omar Zamarripa
Southern Africa- Capital: Lilongwe
Floods, Droughts, Hailstorms, Earthquakes
UNICEF-$9.3 million from US for floods
Needs $65 million
Natural Disasters occur each year
Effects of Earthquakes: (Nepal Earthquake)
Climate- rainy/ dry depending on month
Water- pollution
Fish- main source of trade
Government- Looking for help
Schools hit by the floods
Droughts- Hunger
Sri Lanka
Continent: Asia

Capital: Colombo

Population: 20 Million

Poverty: 6.7% (2013)

Average GDP: $10,372 (2014)

Natural Disasters:
Ex: floods,earthquake,hurricanes, etc.
Effects on Economy
Island consisting mostly of flat to rolling coastal plains

Located in the Indian Ocean to the south of India

Some regions receive up to 98.4 inches of rain per month

103 Rivers
Natural Disasters
Most common forms: floods, sea level rise, tsunamis

Indian Ocean Tsunami (2004): 30,194 confirmed deaths

1.5 million people displaced from their families

Region makes it more prone to these sort of tragedies

Goal: Provide aid to children (2-8) affected by the tsunami

They recognized that the shelters weren't enough; needed more help

Aid: Childcare, therapy, meals

Funds support salaries of teachers, meals, & educational activities
Zeitoun By David Eggers:
Hurricane Katrina
Government involvement
His family
Zeitoun himself
How it relates to Natural Disasters
2004 tsunami occurred on December 26 killing 228,000 people

More than 16000 deaths in India due to tsunami

Caused about $10 billion of damage as a whole
Sustainable Solutions:
Resistant buildings
Relief effort
Spread awareness of the destruction it causes
Flyers & Facebook page
Natural Disasters Awareness
India's people mainly live in villages mostly made up of mud-and-straw dwellings

India is a republic made up of 29 states and 7 territories

India has a parliamentary system of government

The majority of villagers only own brass pots for cooking and clay pots to store water and grain.
Natural Disasters
India Continue
Works Cited
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Natural Disaster and Disaster Reduction Measures - Adesk Review of Costs and Benefits
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Location: Centeral America

Capital Port-au-Prince

Population: 10 million (2014 estimate)

GDP: $1,300 per capita (2013 estimaate)
An island, shared with Dominican Republic, southeast of Florida

Two-thirds of the country are mountains and the rest is valleys. Very little plains

Heavy rains cause floods that trigger mudslides leaving hundreds of people dead or homeless
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