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Video Game AI

Ali Amir

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of ICS 4U

ICS4U - Computer Science VIDEO GAME AI and GAME ENGINE Artificial Intelligence: The ability to give non-living things eg. robots
the illusion of decision making and logic. Video Game AI: The use of AI in computer and video games
to simulate the idea of playing against actual
human players. History: The First video game AI started way back in the 1950's.
A checkers program was written so a computer could
play against a human. the breakthrough occured in 1997 when a computer
named "Deep Blue" created by IBM beat the World chess
Grandmaster . But back to Video Games. REAL GARRY KASPAROV The first video games created in the early 1970's such as "Pong" and "SpaceWar!"
did not originally have an AI player--Two people usually played EACHOTHER.
Single player games appeared in the late 70's, one of the more famous being SPACE INVADERS IN 1980, the epitome of AI (at the time) came to play.
waka-waka-waka. . . . . What made it so intereseting was the fact
that Each Ghost had its own unique 'personality',
something that was never seen before. Dumb. Development of AI grew exponentially.
"beating the computer" was a more popular challenge
than challenging fellow hyoomanz. CONVENIENT!

CPU doesn't have to
'go to the bathroom' mid-game. now, the genres of video games are so massive
that different types of AI are required for each
genre of video game. for example, You wouldn't use RACING AI
in a first person shooter, would you? Two major parts of Video Game AI:
Animation Programming Most people don't see it.
Most of AI involvement takes
place here.
Character Modelling
Environment design
Mission Design
AI design
Server programmer
Storyboard Artist
Video Game Engine: The Engine in a video game includes
all of a certain game's features, such as
its physics/collision formulae, AI, Rendering,
Animation, etc etc. lolwut. (THE) lolololwutzomgfacelolololtextextextzomgwtfbbqhaxifyoucanreadthisbytheendofthis,sayYOULOST. Again. 4:57 WWWWWOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH However, There ARE limitations: Importance
current Tech TECHNOLOGY "Sometimes you're gonna have to work with what you have on hand." -MacGyver (But Not Really.) TIME "WE'RE RUNNING
OUT OF TIME!!!!" -Jack Bauer, 24 Proj. Nat. IMPORTANCE "If its not broken,
don't try to fix it." -Who Cares OMG GRAFFIX! Questions?
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