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Project Renaissance

No description


on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Project Renaissance

Some Intersection examples GS BLR's
Project Renaissance Some intersection possibilities...
(but not limited to) Localization Engineering <> G11N testing Right term:
Job enlargement/
Job enrichment Usual term- Job rotation Can Validation Expert be used for L10N testing ? Can you design better tests with such a "change" report ? Can Test automation
make unit testing better ? Can we eliminate common types of bugs ? Run time Validation Expert- Catalyst 10.0 feature ? Why does Resource validator exist only for resx file types ? Why do we assume 30% expansion while doing pseudo-translation when we have realtime data to mine ? •Providing opportunity for people in the team to grow in different functional areas.

•To build a talent pool of committed people who can contribute in different functional areas.

•To make it easier for people to learn new roles (bypassing the usual IJO process).

•To enable people utilize the knowledge of Test and Localization Engineering helping make GS more efficient keeping X-5 related focus/changes in mind. Other Motivation Does it mean that Localization Engineering job is easy ?

Will the designation/track be changed with this move?

Will it negatively impact my growth on chosen track if i move to Localization Engineering for the prescribed time and come back ? Is this opportunity open to the GS BLR team members ?

Will this be a time-bound involvement ?

Will the reporting Manager change for the tenure ?

Will there be a training at the start of the tenure ? Belongs to a port city called "Horta" between Americas and Europe where world-traveling sailors stop to take a break. The place is filled
with ideas and
view-points from
around the world. The sailors there participate in discussing almost a random combination of ideas often resulting in better, previously unthinkable ideas. When you step into an
intersection of fields,
disciplines or cultures, you
can combine existing
concepts into a large
number of extraordinary
new ideas. One more place like Peter's Cafe- Our minds. Our mind is full of knowledge that we have acquired through the different sources like our education, past experience, our cultural background and much, much more. The more we get involved in allowing established concepts from the different fields to clash and combine, the more new ground-breaking ideas can get formed. The idea for legacy iPod’s scroll wheel came from Phil Schiller,
the head of Apple’s marketing
who was never a part of
formal design process. In his book- "The Big Switch", Nicholas Carr
explains how the mode of evolution of
Cloud computing revolution is quite akin to
the phenomenon of Electricity grid that was
invented almost hundred years ago. Assembly line approach
having its origins in manufacturing
field, can be used successfully
in Software testing-
Excerpt from my past experience The recent GS process
improvement initiative
methodologies has its
origins in
Automobile industry. The whole notion of merging of the fields
to combine concepts to form extraordinary
ideas has a name and it is called
"The Medici Effect". The Medicis- Banking family
from Florence, Italy. Florence, Italy Thanks to the Medicis- sculptors, scientists, poets,
philosophers, financers, painters, and architects converged
upon the city of Florence.
They met and broke down the barriers between disciplines
and cultures. Together they forged a new world based on new ideas- what became known as -> Renaissance Basis of the whole program Mutual understanding How do i start ? Questions ?
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