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joshua westover

No description

susa. acree

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of joshua westover

Mayan civilization Inventions, Technology some things they invented were murals, pyrimids,and the carved satue called stella. some basic technology intels, wall panel, doors, posts and steps for houses that they made for people and to feel good about them selves. social Classes The groups were called terracing and there role was to build stone walls to
level the fields.

People that were farners had a role all day of watering the crops
taking care of cattle all day. They hade alot of roes when you are a farmer. Culture, religion religion beliefs about worshiping nature and tried to explain how things worked because of the Gods. to them gods was all that and sort of worshiped nature for the
Gods and what they did for them. Maya rules maya is awesome maya rocks by Josh Westover maya rocks
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