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Allan Ng

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Dance

What Dance is
All About

Block 5 Dance

By Allan Ng
A Legacy of Dance
Team iLuminate
Kenichi Ebina

Kenichi Ebina

(Shadow Theatre Dance Group)

Kenichi Ebina is a self-taught dancer who performs what he calls a "dance-ish performance".
Ebina performs his own self-choreographed dances, containing several qualities. He is a story teller and an animator when he performs, as he includes freestyle, hip hop, mime, robot, pop & lock, jazz, martial arts, contemporary and ethnic dances.
Kenichi Ebina performs his self-choreographed dance at the Chicago auditions of America's Got Talent season 8. This performance is mainly hip hop, mime and robot, with a flare of martial arts. He portrays an action-packed story, inspired by The Matrix, set in a robotic, futuristic time and place, as he brawls with several foes. He does not use props, but his costume consists of black pants, a slim black leather jacket and a very large black overcoat. Though the message is shown through his movements with the soundtrack. The judges were ecstatic and amazed by his performance, and I feel the same way. I was left speechless by his ability to animate himself and his flawlessness with the beat.
This performance was for the semifinals of America's Got Talent season 8. Kenichi Ebina is responsible for the choreography as well as the computer programming theatrics. This performance requires the aid of a screen displaying a video recording of himself in order to give the appearance of dance battling his own 'evil' reflection. Kenichi enters the scene dressed in baggy red clothing and with a stereo, giving the appearance of a 'hipster', which then discovers he is dancing with his reflection, who in the end, takes captive of the original Kenichi and they switch places. He demonstrates this story by dancing mainly hip hop and mime. The judges were astounded by his innovation and quality of timing and dance moves, and I was just as elated by his performance. My initial reaction to this act was "OH MY GOODNESS, HOLY COW!" due to the ingenuity and timing of his act. My only critique would be for Kenichi to show a couple more flashy moves that show incredible strength.
P.S. I was on the fence about joining dance, but watching Kenichi Ebina made me incredibly excited to join dance.
Team iLuminate blends dance with computer programming and lighting to tell various stories. In this case they are dancing to Katy Perry's E.T. revealing the story of a girl whose life crosses paths with an extraterrestrial being that she first fears then falls in love with and is 'taken away'. Choreographed and programmed by Miral Kotb. Her choreography calls for black suits, and no lighting to make the dancers disappear. The only light is generated from their suits that are controlled wirelessly. This performance is performed in the quarterfinals of America's Got Talent season 6. The reviews from the audience and judges were explosive, and I just as impressed, by the sheer innovation of mixing hip hop, jazz and contemporary with the age of technology. My only criticism would be that the lighting faltered at a point (long arms).
Attraction demonstrates incredible position and ability to hold formations, as well as timing. They perform contemporary and ballet mixed with the ingenuity of shadow puppets to tell the story of two lovers, which then the husband dies in war and the wife and daughter are left without him. The dancers use several small objects as props but mainly creates all images using their bodies from behind a screen and with a backlight. Attraction dances to Read All About It by Emeli Sandé, which adds to the emotional atmosphere. This performance was the audition of the seventh season of Britain's Got Talent and performed by Torda Katalin, Tóth Alexandra, Fehér Norbert, Lakatos Andrea, Szűcs Zoltán, Szentinek Csaba, Szabados Flóra and Kántor Janka. Zoltan also being the choreographer. The judges were left touched and emotional, some tearing up. I had mixed feelings as I was very touched by the story, but I also was incredibly impressed and the creativity and the transitions of the dance. However, I had no criticisms.
Creativity, the Unsung Hero
Canned Choreography
Cwalk (Crip, Clown, Crown)
C-walk originated with the Crip gang in L.A. as signals and celebration moves.
The Crip-walk then branched off to Clown-walk, which is not to be associated with gangsters.
Clown-walk is a street dance in which the dancer 'rides the beat'.
It's faster and flashier with several moves to it.
Crip-walk also branched off into the Crown-walk is very similar to clown-walk, in which it has several moves, and can be fancy.
Also rides the beat.
Laid back and slower than clown-walking.
Personally, I Clown-walk. Though, C-walk is not an official dance, and I simply try random moves without regard to definitions and names of moves. With that being said, names of moves are not absolute, and for some moves I simply named some of the moves myself.
C-walking is a street dance consisting of only footwork. C-walking is meant to be danced free-style with improvisations, no choreography.
There are no official rules and guidelines, but it is recommended that dancers where shoes and pants (preferably loose or baggy).
The variation of C-walking I demonstrate is meant to be danced along to music.
Concept Playlist
Missing Piece
This pop rock song by David Choi shares with us the story of a person who knows his perfect girl is out there (the speaker is male, so we will refer to a male). The man feels lost without his 'missing piece', as he simply goes along with life, not knowing what to search for.

No Coming Back
This Hip Hop song by Stevie Hoang tells the story of a boy whose girlfriend left him for another, and now wishes to come back to him, but the speaker rejects her.
A dance to perform for this story could consist of two performers, a girl and a boy. There could be a wall separating the two as they dance contemporary. Or the two could dance around each other, never looking towards each other but always coming close to contact without realizing it. Both ways, they would end up finally meeting. Using props, the man could be picking up scattered puzzle pieces, which are then posted on a wall, only to find one missing. This missing piece is brought by the girl at the end of the dance and they finish the puzzle. This dance would include a lot of synchronized turning and spinning show create confusion an searching.
This teen pop song by Varsity Fanclub carries a confident attitude, as the speaker is certain that he is better than everyone else. He is telling a girl that nobody is quite as good as he is.
A dance performance to tell this story could have a group of swag looking boys, and just one confident looking girl. The girl would enter first, then several guys try to win her over. Only then does the lead boy moon walk or glide into the scene as other boys are left in awe. He then begins showing off flashy and fast Hip Hop moves facing the girl. Other boys eventually become back-up dancers to the lead man.
The beginning of the dance could briefly show the main boy being left behind by his girlfriend's choice to be with someone else, who then leaves her. She comes back to the main character and the music begins.

The main boy dances very exaggeated hip hop motions in a way as if he were to say "Woh, danger, stay back", but the girl would be dancing lyrical hip hop to try and apologize. The main boy would then break off with a group of boys at his back, continuing hip hop dance moves. The main character would only start acting confident when his group joins him, this being the point that he is certain he is best without the girl. At this point, he'd put on a leather jacket, which the rest of his group is already wearing. Although he would be dressed slightly different from the rest of his group of boys.
Music and Dance are two separate components. When they come together, they paint a picture for everyone to enjoy.
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