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Brain Surgery

No description

Alberto Flores

on 6 March 2015

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Transcript of Brain Surgery

Brain surgery
Brain surgery is performed very carefully to either remove brain tumors or even to help those with mental disablites. There are risks and can be side effects, but nerosurgeons do their very best.
Judy Yang
Cameron Escurel
Alberto Flores
Camille Vega

Brain dead. ZOMBIES?!
By: Judy Yang
Credentials needed to be a Neurosurgeon
BY: Camille Vega
likely rates of survival
By: Judy Yang
Brain Surgery Pictures
By: Judy Yang
Possible Side efects of Brain Surgery
By: Cameron Escurel
BY: Cameron Escurel
Symptoms of Diseases
By: Alberto Flores
Cadidates for Brain Surgery
By: Alberto Flores
Different Brain Surgeries
By: Alberto Flores
Lobe Resection
Corpus Callosotomy
Funtional Hemispherectomy
our video of a survivor
People with:
Parkinson's Disease
Brain Tumer
Alzemiers disease
What can we do..?
You may have to re-learn stuff you already know.
You may end up with:
A Hemorrhage
A Coma
Brain Damage or Swelling

Being brain dead can be a legal definition of death
Is irreversible
Can be organ donors
May have a heart beat, but nothing else doctors can do to help.
the Anesthetic used
A Year of:
Chemistry with laboratory cources
Organic Chemistry with laboratory cources
Biology with laboratory cources
Physics with laboratory cources
Calculus or other advanced math classes, including statistics

We can start a fundraiser for those who dont have the money to have the necessary surgeries. We can also wish for the best that all will go well.
They are no certain rates of survival or death during a brain surgery. The surgeons try to follow the procedure as best as possible. But anything can occur that can risk the chances of success.

by: camille vega
during the neurosurgery
by: camille vega
shave part of the scalp and sanitize it
doctor makes incision through scalp
performs craniectomy
removes or frees what is causing the problem
skull piece is usually replaced after surgery w/ small metal plates,sutures,or wires
The bone flap may not be put back if the surgery involved a tumor or infection, or if the brain was swollen
usually awake for craniotomy
lowers risk for a functional abnormality because of a decrease in the brain, spinal cord, muscules, or nerve function
skull and brain have no pain receptors; the incision of the scalp is usually the only pain
hallucinate frequently with the local anesthesia
The patient will often stay at a medical center.
Their time at the medical center depends on their condition.
They also end up needing rehabilitation therapy.
How brain surgery affects your life style
By: Cameron Escurel
You could have "late effects" like:
Hearing loss
Dental issues
Radiation late effects
You can't be by yourself anymore.
You have to be careful from that point on.
Parkinsons Disease
Have symptoms of advanced, levodopa-responsive Parkinson's disease not adequately controlled by medications
Are suitable candidates for stereotactic neurosurgery
Alzheimer's Disease
general emotional distress
The pictures on top right and the the bottom are diagram of how neurosuregeons open the head for surgery.
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