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What was the Short Term Significance of the Treaty of Versai

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Lucie Spencer

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of What was the Short Term Significance of the Treaty of Versai

What was the Short Term Significance of the Treaty of Versailles?
Primary Source 1
"A Hard Pill to Swallow"
I have chosen to look at the Treaty of Versailles because...
obviously had a large impact
many believe it was a key encouragement of world war II
effected international relations
it's interesting
the Treaty is a primary source itself
This cartoon showed that though Germany was not happy with the Treaty they had little choice but to sign, clearly showing the position Germany was in.
Nature: A cartoon depicting international giants forcing the Peace Treaty down Germany's throat.
Origin: Probably not a German cartoon, as its quite offensive to Germany - perhaps English? Unable to find exact source.
Purpose: to represent that it perhaps wasn't entirely fair to be forcing Germany to sign this treaty, and yet they were having to do it anyway.
How I could use it:
it clearly shows that the Treaty was not necessarily popular.
could say how it made people stop and think about whether this was the right thing to do.
shows the international relations i.e. the fingers have 'Japan', 'America' and 'Italy' on them, in a vice grip around Germany.
Could link on to how it was obviously significant as it would be found in a newspaper and seen by many people.
Primary Source 2
The Treaty of Versailles
Nature: One of the most famous peace treaties at the end of World War 1, to make peace between the five nations: France, Germany, Britain, Austria-Hungary and America. It consisted of a number of clauses, including one making Germany take the blame for the start of the war, a.k.a the War Guilt Clause.
Origin: Signed in June 1919 by the Allied and Associated Powers i.e. Germany, France etc. Written in the Place of Versailles, hence the name.
Purpose: To create peace after world war 1 - restrictions of Germany's land, military, and suing them lots of money. Many believe that it was one of the key reasons for world war 2 i.e. Germany breaking the chains of Versailles.
How I could use it:
seeing as it is huge, I could use it the whole way through i.e. the clauses that caused hate
basically outline all of it, or at least the important bits.
why it made Germany angry i.e. Germany had less land, money and military
why France (especially) felt safer i.e. Germany had less money and military
The Treaty of Versailles is a huge document, with plenty of clauses and restrictions, mainly aimed at Germany, getting them to take the blame for the first world war - fair or not fair? It was written in the Palace of Versailles by the giants of the world at the time.
"Does disarmament then seem to [Lloyd George] to give the same guarantees?
Does he think that...we can be sure of preventing Germany from rebuilding her army?
" "We are in
complete agreement
," said Clemenceau; "it is a point I will not yield."
Primary Source 3
Raymond Poincare diary entry (14th March, 1919)
Nature: A diary entry by Raymond Poincare, during the creation of the Treaty of Versailles
Origin: Poincare was a former president of France, and at this point, Vice President to Clemenceau
Purpose: To record Poincare's thoughts down about the signing of the Treaty
Represents the differing opinions on the Treaty, especially from the English to France point of view.
How I could use it:
showing the disagreements between the different parties signing the treaty, as well as within
in relation to how it kinda didn't work i.e. French thinks that the clause will stop Germany from rebuilding army WRONG
Where to go from here...
find one or two more primary sources
find some secondary sources from historians with their opinions
read up more about the actual Treaty of Versailles
find some things that happened because of the treaty that were soon after it had been signed i.e. short term
final paragraph would be that world war 2 happened
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