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The Fifth Wave - by: Rick Yancey

No description

Estelle B.

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of The Fifth Wave - by: Rick Yancey

Character 5
Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vosch
The book starts off in a thick forest in Ohio towards an interstate - off Exit 175.
old gas station with a convenience store about two miles off Exit 175 at dusk.
Campsite far into the forest away from a city, Camp Ashpit - a place to house survivors of the first, second, third, and fourth wave. There is a little hospital that's been turned into a rendezvous point, like a safe house. The camp is lead by a marine veteran called Hutchfield. Cassie, her dad, and her little brother stay here for a few chapters.
refugee camp ringing Wright-Patterson, Ohio; Camp Haven
Cassie's old house near Cincinnati
Colonel Vosch's private office in Camp Haven - early morning, a little after 6:30am.
old farm house about sixty miles from Cincinnati and seventy-eighty from Wright-Patterson.
George Barnard High School - sometime in the morning.
Character 1
Cassiopeia "Cassie" Sullivan
Character 4
Character 2
Samuel "Sammy" Sullivan
Character 3
Ben "Zombie" Parish
The Fifth Wave - by: Rick Yancey
Literature Circle Project
Project By: Estelle Jude Baste
Cassie is one of the two major protagonists and is a dynamic character since she appears consistently throughout the whole book.
Cassie is 17 years old, has strawberry blond curls and stands a little over five feet four. She apparently looks young for her age, which proves to help her tremendously later in the book.
She is determined to find her brother who's been taken to a refugee camp at Wright-Patterson.
Cassie is brave and ready to face down pretty much everything that gets in the way of her goals.
She is smart because she knows how to trust her instincts an to act on them, how to plan strategies, and how to survive.
Cassie is defiant because she doesn't let anyone tell her what to do if she doesn't believe it's the right thing.
Cassie is not very easy with the matter of trusting others, thanks to the Fourth Wave, when the Others are somehow inside humans.
Figurative Language:
"That summer of the Pestilence was brutally hot, and the stench of rotting flesh hung in the air like an invisible noxious fog." -
pg. 64
Figurative Language
Figurative Language
Figurative Language
"Now, as the last human's last minutes spun out beneath the car on the highway, the tension in his shoulders began to fade." -
Yancey, pg 159
Figurative Language
"We'd stared into the face of Death, and Death blinked first." -
Yancey, pg. 78
"He had given in to hope, and that will kill you. It kills you before you die. Long before you die." -
Yancey, pg. 28
Figurative Language
"And the hammer is falling:
bam, bam, BAM.
" -
Yancey, pg. 139
"In the distance, the sound of a Black Hawk taking off and the sharp
of automatic weapons' fire." -
Yancey, pg. 249
Rising Action
Plot: Climax
Cassie's Perspective
Cassie's Perspective
Figurative Language
I didn't see it. I didn't hear it. I didn't smell, or feel it. But I knew it. Something was different." -
Yancey, pg. 22
A quick hug. Squeeze. Anything more would seem like a good-bye.
Good-bye, Cassie.
" -
Yancey, pg. 107
"Heralded by the growl of diesel engines, the rumble and squeak of axles, the whine of air brakes." -
Yancey, pg. 96
"His eyes were as hard and blank and cold as a shark's." -
Yancey, pg. 95
"He was a human LEGO person: square hands, square head, square jaw." -
Yancey, pg 74
". . . abandoned towns reeking of sewage and rotting corpses, burned-out shells of houses, feral dogs and cats, pileups that stretch for miles on the highway." -
Yancey, pg. 31
Aliens, named the "Others" by Cassie, descend upon Earth, surrounding it. Cassie calls this day the Arrival.
The Others start the First Wave 10 days after the Arrival: a massive electronic pulse that occurred in the atmosphere at maybe 11am. The pulse took out all the power, making lights go out, phones die, and planes fall from the sky. Half a million people were killed. The First Wave was over in seconds.
The Second Wave comes not long after: the Others drop a metal rod twice as long and three times as heavy as the Empire State Building over one of Earth's fault lines that ring every continent from the atmosphere. Because of gravity, the rod slams extremely hard on the fault line which causes a huge gigantic shock wave that wipes out New York, Sydney, California, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, British Columbia, the Eastern Seaboard, Japan, Hong Kong, London, Rome, Rio, and other coastal locations. The Second Wave lasted about a day.
The Third wave lasted about 12 weeks and killed maybe 97 percent of those that survived the previous Waves, about 3.5 billion people of the remaining 4 billion. The Others spread a Pestilence by first giving it to birds. They somehow made it so that the birds would swoop from the sky attacking people on ground, doing anything to spread the Pestilence. Cassie's father suspected that the virus is some kind of mutated Ebola, that the proteins were somehow altered. The virus spread rapidly.
The Fourth Wave was the Other's themselves. They somehow entered the bodies of humans as disguises and started hunting the survivors one by one. Cassie called these assassins the Silencers.
Ben is the other very major protagonist, next to Cassie. He is a dynamic character.
Ben, later known as Zombie, has been described to have a very nice "killer" smile.
Ben was Cassie's old crush in George Barnard High School, back before the attacks started.
Ben is very brave because he stands up for what he thinks is right.
He is also a quick thinker and has good instincts.
Ben is also thoughtful of the future, as it was shown later in the book that he thought ahead and planned for nearly everything.
He is very determined to protect those he loves and because wants vengeance for his dead family.
Evan Walker
Evan has deep-set brown eyes and thick brown hair and is around the age 18.
He keeps to himself a lot, but can get very emotional.
He's mostly quiet and composed, and has a very good way of words.
Evan is really determined to help Cassie and keep her safe.
Evan is also Cassie's main love interest in the book.
Evan is very loyal - to Cassie - and compassionate. He's also more humane than most of the Others... Yes, as it turns out, he is one the aliens.
He is also very strategic, like Cassie, because he helps her sneak into Wright-Patterson.
Plot : Rising Action
Cassie's Perspective
Cassie's mother dies of the Pestilence, and is buried in the backyard.
Cassie, her father, and her little brother pack up just a few belongings and leave their house, heading into the large forest towards a refugee camp.
The safe house, Camp Ashpit's leader, Hutchfield, welcomes them with some scrutiny, but accepts them nonetheless.
After 6 days in the camp, a drone is spotted in the sky, and many people thought they were going to be rescued.
The drone flew right over them.
On a Sunday, a helicopter, a Black Hawk appears just before dawn, and, again, people get excited.
Then the Black Hawk disappears like the drone.
That same Sunday, in the afternoon, three yellow school buses stopped in front of the camp.
The authorities on the school buses only allowed children to be boarded, so the adults remained at camp.
Cassie tried to board on one with her brother, but a soldier stopped her from going inside, only letting Sam enter.
Before they were separated, Sam gave his teddy bear to Cassie to remember him by and she promised that she would someday find him again.
Colonel Vosch, one of the authorities that were on the buses, gathers the remaining adults for a briefing.
Cassie realizes that one of them is missing, an annoying boy she called Crisco, and told her father that she will try to find him so that he could come to the briefing.
Her father quickly agrees and gives her a quick hug before she leaves with a soldier accompanying her.
Cassie finds Crisco
Before Cassie knew it, the soldier that accompanied her whipped out a gun and shot Crisco.
Cassie reacted and took out her own gun and shot the soldier before he could kill her, too.
Cassie ran away from the soldier back towards the camp just in time to see Colonel Vosch kill her father amidst the bodies of the other adults that the soldiers ended.
Colonel Vosch ordered some soldiers to go after Cassie, too.
Cassie manages to get away from the soldiers, but overhears the soldiers saying that the "Eye" will take care of her.
She soon sees Vosch and his soldiers zooming away in their Humvees after they left behind a gray globe that soon starts pulsing, like it was blinking. Like an eye.
Cassie realizes almost too late what it was and ran away from it, picking up Sam's bear on the way, right before she was hit with the sonic bomb of 200 decibels.
Cassie now camps in the woods by an old Buick car.
She walks to one of the gas stations with a convenience store located off Exit 175 at dusk to collect some supplies.
She hears something in the corner and cautiously goes to investigate.
Cassie finds a wounded soldier holding a hand to his bleeding abdomen, maybe her age if not older.
She levels her gun at him and asks him to prove that he's human before she accepts to help him.
The soldier, with some extreme difficulty, lifts the hand that's pressing against his abdomen up to her, and then shows her a crucifix lying on his palm.
Cassie shoots him anyways, maybe not trusting him?
Some time after that, Cassie is trying to escape a Silencer shooting at her.
She gets hit in the leg and hides under the Buick.
When Cassie finally gets a grip on her dropped gun, she rolls up from under the car and faces the hidden Silencer fearlessly.
The Silencer, unwilling to take the shot, runs away.
Cassie drifts off into unconsciousness, slowly dying in the winter cold, coming back now and then so that she remembers someone dragging her across the ground.
She regains consciousness in a room in an old farm house.
Colonel Vosch is a major antagonist and is a dynamic character.
Vosch is described to having cold, icy blue eyes, close-cropped sandy hair, a sharp nose, and unsmiling thin lips.
Vosch was responsible for killing the remaining refugees at Camp Ashpit, and can therefore be described as cruel and col-hearted.
Vosch can also be characterized to being a murderer, a liar and overall deceiving con artist, and evil mastermind. This is because, later in the story, he was revealed to being the alien commander who came up with the different attacks on Earth.
Plot: Rising Action
Ben's/Zombie's Perspective
Wright-Patterson has been on full lock-down since the refugee camp surrounding it, Camp Haven, was first created, after the Second Wave that took the coasts.
Ben is lying sick, maybe dying, from the deadly Pestilence in a tent in one area of the camp.
Ben hears gunfire in the distance that is louder than the shots of a desperate refugee. It sounds more like bigger guns: automated weapons. He thinks Wright-Patterson must be under attack.
A soldier, a little older than Ben is, enters the tent with a rifle, and says to Ben that the Others have been inside humans the whole time.
Ben is scanned with a metal disk and is proclaimed to be "clean" and sick.
Even though, the soldier's commander said that only uninfected civilians are to be collected, the soldier puts Ben over his soldier anyways and brings him into the base.
Ben is taken into a quarantined floor at the base hospital for plague victims, nicknamed the Zombie Ward. A woman named Dr. Pam treats him.
Two days pass, and Ben goes through skyrocketing fever temperatures, floating between consciousness and unconsciousness, and numerous random flashbacks.
On the third day, the fever finally breaks and by the fifth, Ben can hold down liquids and his eyes and lungs begin to clear.
On the sixth day, Dr. Pam tells him that the worst is over, and that he's going to be moved to the convalescent area until he can get back to his feet.
Ben is taken to large hanger near the entrance to the base, where there are soldiers painting large red circles on the floor, then is taken through a door at the back into an examination room, where's he's lain onto the table.
Dr. Pam enters and checks his eyes, listens to his heart, lungs, and "thumps on a couple of places", before taking out a tiny silver pellet she says is a tracking device.
She injects the tracking device into him and then wheels him into the next room, where he's strapped to a chair.
Dr. Pam shows him a program that was found on a laptop that belonged to one of the humans that had be "infested" by the Others. The program, Wonderland, "maps you".
Ben is suddenly attacked by flashbacks of his life a before the Arrival, then coming back to reality again.
Ben is told that that was something they used to make sure there wasn't an alien hiding in him, before taking him to someone who actually had one: a man, not much older than him, who shared his tent with him in the refugee camp, Chris.
Dr. Pam gives him a keyboard where she tells him to press a button that will execute Chris. Ben is conflicted for a few moments before finally pressing the button.
The yellow school buses and Humvees that left a few hours earlier, the buses loaded with the kids, return to the base.
Ben meets Colonel Vosch and he convinces Ben to be a soldier for Wright-Patterson.
Ben is assigned a bunk in Barracks 10, put into Squad 53, and renames himself Zombie. Pretty much everyone in Camp Haven has been renamed.
A new recruit, a little boy just five years old, Private Nugget (Sam) shows up at roll call and is screamed at by the viscous, apparently sadistic senior drill instructor, Sergeant Reznik.
Ben/Zombie can't hold it in any longer and blurts out, "Leave him alone," to Reznik, who becomes furious at the interruption. Ben admits the interruption and gets a karate chop to the neck from an very angry Reznik who threatens to kill him along with the rest of the Others. Ben talks back that he doesn't really care if Reznik does that; he just wants him to leave Nugget alone.
Reznik asks Zombie who his squad leader is. Ben responds that it's Private Flintstone, a soldier about his age.
Private Flintstone is called forward and is promptly fired, and replaced by Private Zombie. Zombie manages to catch a fleeting look of grudging respect on the sergeant's face before it's gone.
Private Nugget is then placed into Squad 53 with Zombie.
A little after 9:30 p.m. that evening, after lights-out, Nugget says to Zombie that he can't sleep and asks him if he can say his prayers with him.
Zombie agrees and, together they recite the prayer, "Now I lay me," much to the annoyance of the other squad members. They, however, quiet at the lines, "Your angels watch me through the night, and keep me safe till morning's light. And If should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take."
The next morning, Zombie attempts to let Reznik excuse Nugget from his morning's training... Of course, Reznik dismissed the idea.
A little while after, Squad 53 suits up in hazmat suits for Processing and Disposal: processing and disposing of dead bodies. The bodies are sorted infected from uninfected, or as the soldiers like to call them, the Ted from the unTed.
A few days later, Nugget had a mini "freakout" during his first air raid drill, in which the squad missed their time by forty-eight seconds.
That evening, Tank, one of the soldiers in the squad, had a sort of breakdown - where he actually threatened to shoot Nugget in the head - and his hopelessness in surviving was revealed.
The next morning, Tank was taken to the psych ward, but later that day during Processing and Disposal, they stumble across his body.
Two days later, Tank's replacement arrived: a very hardcore girl around Zombie's age, who was the leader of her old squad, Squad 19, Ringer.
She meets a boy, not much older than her, who's been taking care of her since he apparently found her in the forest: Evan Walker.
Cassie tells him she's looking for her little brother who boarded one of the yellow school buses, going to Wright-Patterson.
Evan tells her that she's been at the farm house for nearly a week, and then tells her that she'll have to stay a little longer while she healed from the bullet in her leg.
He tells her that she's at his family's farm about sixty miles from Cincinnati and around seventy or eighty miles away from Wright-Patterson.
While she's healing, Evan teaches her how to shoot better with her Luger, since her M16 was lost.
Of course, in the time the Cassie spends with Evan, they both fall in love with each other. (And that is all that I'm saying about that matter.)
Cassie starts to suspect that Evan Walker isn't who he says he is.
The next evening, after Cassie started becoming suspicious, she starts feeling restless and goes outside towards the barn.
There, she finds her old M16 hidden under the a pile of old blankets against the back wall. She remembered that she lost it when the Silencer attacked.
Before Cassie can run back to the farm house, she runs into Evan.
She convinces him that she though she heard a noise and came to investigate. Evan doesn't seem to buy it, but accepts it.
When they get into the house, Evan guesses that Cassie found her rifle and told her that he found it on the highway. Cassie wants to believe him and so she does.
The next morning, Evan attempts to talk Cassie into letting him to Wright-Patterson instead of her. Cassie refuses.
Some time after, Cassie and Evan start to travel to Wright-Patterson.
A day later, they reach what's left of Camp Ashpit, and camp there for the night.
Evan hears some people coming their way, and tells Cassie to go hide. He fires into the forest and a grenade is thrown back in response.
The grenade blasts Evan somewhere, and Cassie, thinking he's dead, runs from the people shooting at her.
Zombie protests a bit, but eventually agrees to cut it out of her.
Once the implant is out, Ringer lights up in a bright green in Zombie's eyepiece.
Zombie panics and points his M16 at her.
Plot: Climax
Ben/Zombie's Perspective
Ringer tells Zombie to think everything through: the eyepieces only lit up on people who weren't implanted with a Wonderland microchip from Wright-Patterson. Colonel Vosch tricked them. The people they weren't sent to kill weren't infested after all. They were just people without a microchip.
The soldiers are the Fifth Wave.
''"Ben, we're the Fifth Wave."''
- Yancey, pg 327
A few weeks later, Ringer tries to persuade Zombie to resign his position as squad leader and give it to her. Zombie refuses, and instead proposes that once they graduate into official soldiers of Wright-Patterson, he steps down. Ringer agrees.
A few weeks after that, the everyone in the squad receives their new uniforms after morning chow at 6:30 a.m., for graduation day, except for Nugget, who's too young and is still a recent addition to the camp, so he's inexperienced.
Zombie steps down, as promised, though according to rumors, and Ringer's predictions, he was to be made the sergeant.
Reznik retrieves Zombie from the bunker and leads him to Colonel Vosch's office.
True to the rumors and Ringer's prediction, Vosch appoints Zombie sergeant.
Vosch tells Zombie about a breaking point of his that occurred about two weeks after the Fourth Wave. Vosch admits to killing everyone at a refugee camp (Camp Ashpit) after they loaded up the children.
Vosch announces to Zombie that today he graduates the top four squads of the battalion. Zombie will have the first pick of the assignments, and two squads will be deployed as perimeter patrols to protect Wright-Patterson. The other two will be deployed into the field into enemy territory.
Vosch shows Zombie the Wonderland analysts of an infested human: data on what an alien consciousness looks like.
Vosch clarifies to Zombie that he is to take the battle to the Infested. Zombie is assigned to deploy two squads into Dayton, where there has been reports of infested combatants.
Zombie agrees to the assignment.
At 9:00 a.m. that day, the top four squads march down the lines followed by the squads who will not graduate. The people of high military rank go down the graduating lines shaking hands and congratulations - even Reznik, who actually seems nice, for once.
Some time after graduation, the two squads are deployed and are riding in a chopper over Dayton at night.
The squad uses eye pieces that scan the people that come into its view. If the person is lit up green, it means that the person has been infested, and are to be killed on sight.
A sniper, an infested, starts firing at the squads from the roof of a building.
Oompa, one of the squad members, is seriously injured from a tankard that blew up.
Zombie and his own squad manages to get inside a garage and tries to fix up an injured Oompa. Unfortunately, they can't save him and he dies.
Zombie and Ringer figure out that the sniper isn't actually an infested since he didn't light up in their eyepieces, so they both go back out to try to take out the sniper.
Ringer is grazed by a bullet in the neck during the process, and Zombie pulls her into an old boutique.
Ringer convinces Zombie to cut the microchip out of her, convinced that when the eyepieces lighting up on certain people has something to do with them.
Cassie hears a rifle shooting somewhere and she hears the people who were after her being taken down one by one. The accuracy of the shooting reminds her of the Silencer that attacked her on the interstate.
Evan Walker is the Silencer.
''The soft call of the Silencer. My Silencer.
'Cassie? Cassie, it' safe now."''
- Yancey, pg. 363
Plot: Falling Action
Cassie hears Evan's voice and rises out of her hiding spot to point her rifle at him.
She demands to know who he really is, but before Evan can answer, he collapses and Cassie sees that he's injured.
As she tends to his wounds, she asks him why he lied to her and she answered that it was complicated.
She asks him why he shot her in the leg and he says that it was because he couldn't shoot her in the head.
She asks him why he ran away from her instead of taking the shot and he responds that he was afraid.
He apologizes for everything to her as the pain pills start to take over.
Cassie presses the barrel of her gun against his head and demands to know what the Fifth Wave is.
He passes out before he can answer.
At dawn, the next day, while Evan was still out, Cassie goes out to hunt for food, while trying to figure out who Evan Walker really is.
She stumbles across the bodies of the people who were after them, that Evan killed, and notices that they were only kids, no older than fourteen. They were soldiers, and were all wearing some kind of eyepiece.
Cassie returns to the campsite and starts operating on Evan to get the shrapnel out of his flesh, that was embedded there when the grenades went off.
When she finishes, she starts firing off questions about why the soldiers were kids, why Vosch killed the rest of the adults at Camp Ashpit, but he doesn't know.
Cassie goes into a sort of fury and starts yelling at Evan and punching him and asking who he really is. Evan responds with an what I think is an indirect admission to being an alien, and Cassie runs.
Cassie comes back to the campsite some time later - Evan isn't there gathers up her stuff to set off alone.
Cassie doesn't get very far before Evan appears and plops her against a tree so he can explain things to her before she goes out on her own and gets herself killed.
Evan says that he's human, but at the same time, he isn't. Which just confuses Cassie even more.
Cassie asks him why they brought her little brother to Wright-Patterson and he answers that it was to prepare him for the Fifth Wave.
Evan explains that Wright-Patterson is a very important base for the Others and has been established since the "purge" or the "cleansing" began - when the Waves started. Vosch isn't just any commander - he's
commander. The one who designed all the attacks. Some of the Others didn't agree with annihilation of the human race, and Evan was one of them, but that side lost the argument, and so the attacks continued.
The explanation continues: The recruits there, including Cassie's little brother, Sam, are being brainwashed to think that the Others have been using human bodies, and that humans have found a way to detect them. Which is true on some level, but not the way they make it seem like.
Evan starts to explain who he really is: that Evan Walker was once a human. Other-Evan was inserted into Human-Evan before he was born. Other-Evan slept inside of Human-Evan for thirteen years, waiting to wake up.
Cassie asks Other-Evan who he was before he came to the body of Evan Walker. He explains that they haven't had bodies in tens of thousands of years. They are pure consciousness.
Cassie asks him what his answer was, instead of annihilation. And he says that he thought coexistence was best, but not many agreed with him.
Cassie goes out alone onto the highway, with mud and twigs rubbed everywhere and cut hair, hoping to look at least 12 years old so she can be picked up by one of the yellow school buses. She takes the name of her old best friend, Elizabeth "Lizbeth" Morgan, who disappeared with her family after the first few Waves.
Fortunately, the bus driver spots her and she boards it going to Wright-Patterson.
Once scanned and marked, she goes through the regular check-up, but before she can be tagged with a microchip, she bops Dr. Pam over the head and quickly goes on the computer to try to search up her brother on Wonderland. Which fails, so she runs to try to find him manually, partly because Dr. Pam woke up and pressed an alarm button and Cassie killed her.
Unfortunately, Cassie runs into Vosch while trying to find her brother, but manages to convince him that she was just a terrified little girl who ran away after Dr. Pam was knocked out by a mysterious, hostile man.
Vosch secures Cassie in an interrogation room while he finds the so-called culprit.
Cassie manages to shatter the glass one-way mirror with her chair and runs back out to continue her searching.
She spots a vent and crawls through the ventilation system and sees two Silencers loading familiar gray globes into a large handcart.
Cassie realizes that Vosch is planning to eliminate Camp Haven like he did Camp Ashpit.
Not one minute after that realization, the sirens go off.
Cassie exits the air vent into an armory where she pulls on an army fatigue and boots and arms herself with a new M16 with a silencer, a new Luger, a few extra clips (bullets), and a ten-inch blade. She stuffs Sam's teddy bear into a leather satchel and tucks her hair into a cap, hoping to pass as one of the tween recruits.
Passing through the corridors towards a room where she can hear children, an officer stops her and asks her a few questions to which she answers with the first thing that pops up in her mind, which is not a very good idea. When the officer finds bear, she panics because she knows she discovered and kills him.
When Cassie enters the room, she finds hundreds of children looking up at her. She's shocked at the number of upturned faces when she hears a voice calling out to her.
Cassie turns around to find her Sam looking at her. She gather's him in a hug before pulling him out into a hall when a doctor wearing a surgical mask spots them.
Plot: Falling Action
Ben/Zombie's Perspective
Zombie and Ringer realize that Camp Haven isn't a military base or refugee camp, but a death trap.
They plan to take out the sniper that's shooting at them, and once he's hit, they see that the sniper is in fact, Sergeant Reznik.
Zombie freezes up at the discovery, but Ringer comes to his rescue and kills Reznik before he shoots him.
They find a remote control on his body with a buttons that are each assigned by a sequence of numbers that belongs to each person with a Wonderland chip and a screen with green dots on it, and Ringer is convinced that it's a kill switch connected to the implants and the green dots on the screen are the soldiers that carry them. To prove her point, she presses the button with Zombie's number, but it does nothing since they both cut out their implants.
Before going back to the squad, they put the chips back into the wounds where they came from and bandage them up tight so that their friends don't accidentally kill them thinking they're infested.
They share the news with their remaining squad members, but Flintstone doesn't believe them and believes that Zombie's gone crazy. Trying to convince him that it's the truth, Zombie shows Flintstone the control they salvaged from Reznik's body. Stupidly, determined to prove him wrong, Flintstone snatches the remote from Zombie and presses the button with his number on it and, of course, dies immediately.
After that fiasco, Zombie tells Dumbo, a medic, to cut the chips out of the other squad members, Teacup and Poundcake.
Zombie tells Ringer that he has to go back to Wright-Patterson to try to get Nugget out, but she protests. However, she eventually loses the argument.
Zombie gets Ringer to shoot him in order to go back, so he can easily convince the soldiers back at Camp Haven that his own squad turned against him because they thought that everything Vosch had said was a lie.
Zombie also shoots Flintstone's body in the head to further convince them - and hide the fact that he was killed by the kill switch - and tells them that when his squad turned on him, he managed to kill Flintstone.
Vosch asks a few more questions that Zombie had anticipated and answers them with ease.
However, Zombie did not expect Vosch to plug him back into Wonderland.
Once Vosch leaves, a soldier named Kistner tells him that the base has gone into Code Yellow. (The book does not explain what this means.)
Zombie tells Kistner that he has to go to the bathroom - Kistner says to stay, but Zombie goes anyway - and once there, he tells him that he may be stuck and not able to get him. One he has Kistner inside the bathroom, Zombie attacks and knocks him out before stealing his scrubs.
He enters the scrub room, where there's another medic, and tells him that he needs some gloves, which he gets after a moment of looking for them until the other medic points them out.
When the medic finally leaves, Zombie finds a scalpel and cuts the microchip out of his neck.
After that, he hobbles down the corridor towards the elevators, using a surgical mask and lab coat to hide his facial features and the fact that he bled through his bandage onto the scrubs. When the elevators open, Zombie goes toward the place that Nugget would be in, when the air raid sirens go off, causing a perfect distraction. However, when Zombie looks through the glass doors, he can see a golf cart driving towards the airfield that is carrying grey globes flashing green.
The next thing Zombie knows, he's running away from the bombs as they tear apart the hospital. When he finally reaches the safe room, he finds a soldier - he thinks that this is a male twelve-year-old recruit - already with Nugget.
Plot: Falling Action
When Both Main Characters' Paths Finally Cross
Told in Cassie's Perspective
As the doctor pulls out his gun, Cassie pulls out her rifle, and they have a short face-off before Sam/Nugget bounds right up to the doctor and pulls off his mask revealing him as Ben Parish (AKA Zombie), Cassie's old crush back before the Arrival.
Ben offers to help Cassie and her brother get out of Write-Patterson, and Cassie, a little wary, accepts it.
Cassie remembers about Sam's microchip and convinces him to let Ben to cut it out of him.
When he's finished, the three make their way down the hallway, before they are stopped by a voice. Vosch.
Cassie and Sam are seperated again when a Silencer soldier takes him away, and Cassie and Ben are taken into the execution room.
When Vosch presses a button, Cassie sees Sam strapped in a chair in the room on the other side of the mirror.
She understands Vosch's intent and attempts to convince him not to kill him. It doesn't work.
Vosch believes that someone was helping Cassie when she sneaked into Write-Patterson to get her brother back (Evan), since four sentries were taken down while she was inside.
Vosch pushes the execution button.
Cassie reacts, but nothing happens and Vosch screams that whoever is helping Cassie overrode the program. He leaves to try to get rid of the problem, leaving Ben and Cassie alone with the Silencer in one room, and Sam and another Silencer in the other.
Cassie glimpses a shadow flicker in the grate before taking action - and calling dibs on the Silencer with Sammy.
Once both Silencers are dead - the that was with them killed by Evan who was the one hiding in the grate and still is and the other killed by Cassie, as promised, whereas through all of this Ben was thoroughly confused and shocked, so he was pretty much frozen - Cassie gives the signal for Evan to come in.
After they reunited and an embarrassing exchange between Ben and Evan - since Evan knew that Ben was her old crush and is very amused with the fact that he's meeting him - they walk out into the corridor towards the exit as Evan pushes a button that shuts down the power.
When they reach the stairs to the exit, Evan convinces Cassie to let him leave so he can give them a distraction to ensure their escape.
Cassie, Sam, and Ben finally step outside and go north, like Evan instructed, as they are targeted by a plane.
Cassie sees Ben throw Sam into a Humvee when she's suddenly on the ground, with her knee aching from the old leg injury.
Ben runs back towards her when the earth between them is suddenly split and Cassie starts to slide backwards into a fissure.
Ben barely manages to catch Cassie before she plummets into the dark hole and another person helps him haul her up and into the Humvee. She remembers the driver flooring it and then she goes unconscious.
Cassie, Sam, Ben, and what's left of his squad are camping out under a highway overpass, all escaped from Write-Patterson, where they all rest and heal, watching the sunrise.
''. . . and together the three of us watch the sun break over the horizon, obliterating the dark in a burst of golden light.''
- Yancey, pg. 479
Man VS. Nature

Man VS Man
Man VS. Self
Family will always find their way back to each other.
On page 145 - 146, Ben is conflicted with himself with whether or not he should execute his tent mate Chris because he was apparently "infested" with an Alien.
After the soldier accompanying her kills Crisco, he turns to Cassie, but she shoots him in the head before can kill her, too.
''The next clear memory I have is of the black visor shattering. And the soldier falling to his knees in front of me. And seeing his eyes. His three eyes.''
- Yancey, pg. 109
The main problem is between the soldiers or refugees. Also, the conflict exists between Cassie and these soldiers.
Tank is furious at Zombie for going back for Nugget during an air raid drill and causing them to miss their time. Tank goes a little crazy and/or overreacts and starts yelling at the whole squad and at Zombie, and points his gun at Nugget.
''Pointing the end of his rifle at Nugget, who's clinging to my leg.''
- Yancey, pg. 256
The main problem exists where the main protagonists, Cassie and Ben, are at war with themselves, trying to decide and do what's right.
''Her [his late sister's] locket, the button [executioner button], and Chris. And the thing inside Chris . . . Chris in the chair. The locket in my hand. How long have I been running? Running, running, running.''
- Yancey, pg. 145-146
Cassie is very conflicted with herself over the matter of whether or not she should believe Evan is who he says he is.
Ever since he found you, he's taken care of you, kept you safe, been there for you.
But no matter how much I lecture myself, I can't calm down. I'm missing something. Something important.''
- Yancey, pg. 293
The main problem is the whole fight against the Pestilence that the Others spread. Also, the biting weather conditions have conflicted with the characters.
Cassie's mother is slowly losing the fight against the deadly plague that has already killed ninety-seven percent of the remaining four billion people.
''The place in her brain that made words was packed with virus, and the virus didn't know language - it only knew how to make more of itself.''
- Yancey, pg. 68-69
"Every time my foot strikes the hard ground, a stabbing pain shoots down my leg, throwing off my stride, slowing me down." -
Yancey, pg. 474
Cassie, with a gunshot wound to her knee, struggles to survive in the harsh cold of winter.
''Kept me going until the blizzard came in for two solid days, trapping me in this waist-high drift so I could die of hypothermia under a gloriously blue sky.''
- Yancey, pg. 167-168
''A solder emerged from the barracks. He strolled over to my father. . . It was Vosch. . . Dad wasn't moving. I think he was playing dead. It didn't matter. Vosch shot him anyways.'' - Yancey, pg. 110-111
As I read this, I felt confused, angry and furious at Vosch.
''"Everything's broken?' he asked Cassie. 'Everything?'
'No, not everything, Sams,' she answered. 'Not this.'
She took his hand and put it against his chest, and his pounding heat pushed fiercely against his open palm.
'Unbroken,' she said.''
This passage made me feel inspired. I felt inspired to be brave, and to be strong. Reading this made me want to not give up.
Theme is the overall message underlying the plot of the story; the moral.
The theme for this story is:
''"You're going to come later, Cassie?'
'You bet I am.'
I promised. Whatever happened. No. Matter. What.'' - Yancey, pg. 101-102
Nearing the end of the Falling Action, Cassie finally reunites with her brother and kept her promise: that she would find her brother no matter what happened. And she did.
Sammy is considered a major character in the story, though not as major as Cassie. He is also a protagonist and a dynamic character.
Sammy is Cassie's little brother, also nicknamed as "Sams". Sammy is five years old, with teddy-bear brown eyes and brown hair to match.
Sammy is also known as Nugget later in the story.
He is very sweet and caring, and he and his sister are very close.
He has put a lot of fate in his sister: he trusts that she will come for him and they'll be reunited.
He is overall really trusting: he trusts Cassie to return to him, Ben/Zombie to help him and be his friend, and God, to help them all survive.
Sammy can be be really brave, as demonstrated later into the book.
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The forest in Ohio is one of the main settings of the story.
The Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is made into a refugee camp where much of the story revolves around.
I chose Chloe Grace Monetz as Cassie because she exhibits her physical features and also she was officially chosen to star as Cassie in the upcoming movie adaptation of the book.
I chose Zackary Arthur as Sammy because he is just as I envisioned Sammy to look like. Zackary was also officially chosen to star as Sammy in the upcoming adaptation of the book
I chose Nick Robinson as Ben Parish because he seems very fit with the role of Ben, even though Ben's physical features aren't very well described. Nick is also officially chosen to star as Ben in the upcoming movie adaption of the book.
I chose Ryan Weiber as Evan Walker because the physical features seem to match and he seems perfect for the role.
I chose Liev Schreiber as Colonel Vosch because although they do not share many physical features, this actor looks like he would fit the role of a major antagonist perfectly. No offense. Liev was also officially chose to star as Vosch in the upcoming movie adaptation of the book.
A plane falls out of the sky when the First Wave hits.
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The Fifth Wave - by: Rick Yancey
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