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No description

paige lewis

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Slenderman

He first got the name from Something Awful forums in 2009 in a paranormal pictures "Photoshop" contest.In truth, however, Slenderman is much older.
The earliest account comes from 16th century German folk-lore of "Der GroBmann" meaning The Great Man or more accurately The Tall Man . "He said if I drew him I'd win the contest for sure. I never meant for this to happen." Physical Attributes:
He's of varying height from 7-15 feet tall.
His arms continually reach past His knees. Even when standing fully erect.
No facial features to speak of. Only a flat surface comparable to a mannequin.
Tentacle-like appendages used for both locomotion and capture of...prey. Originate from His back.
He is usually seen wearing a suit with either a black or red tie it it unknown if it is an actual suit or a sort of camouflage in an attempt to blend in As I was walking home one night
I saw a stranger by a light
His arms were long, His head was small
I'd never seen a man so tall
His arms reached out and grabbed me tight
I went along without a fight
I looked and saw he had no face
And then my heart began to race
He spoke to me without a sound
And picked me up right off the ground
The Slenderman took me away
To never see the light of day.
-Author unknown
(Presumed dead) Slender always stalks his victims at length before he takes them away. To children he uses deception, coming to them as a friend simply wanting to play in the forest. Adults have a far more harrowing experience when the Slenderman comes for them. It starts with paranoia and maybe the occasional bout of dizziness. Then, electronics begin to malfunction around the afflicted and coughing fits come often. It all comes to a head when madness takes them and Slenderman makes his first appearance before causing their last. Artwork recover from the home of Alison Murrow, 15. (Missing) This photo recovered from the body of formerly missing firefighter Frank Nichols during the Cape Card forest fire shows Slenderman among the burnt husks of trees. Victims of Slenderman:
Kathy Thompson, 43, found dead in a burnt down warehouse.
Jessica Thurgood, 22, found impaled on a tree limb in Deep Falls forest
Mickey Cordal, 11, found in Plano forest surrounded by drawn pictures of Slender.
Frank Nichols, 38, found during the Cape Card forest fire.
Alison Murrow, 15, still missing.
Jack Greenwall, 17, found impaled on the church cross in a town square.
Gaige Mancer, 14, Currently hospitalized at St. Marks psychiatric facility. Journal Entry recovered from the home of Alison Murrow: I couldn't be more excited right now! I finally know what to draw for the contest. This strange..Guy, came to me he's super tall and wears this sort of mask (I know, creeper alert,) but he's super nice (and has an awesome profile to draw) but I don't want Mom and Dad to see my picture yet so I'm gonna meet him in the forest this weekend and get started. Can't wait to start I think I'll actually just do a sketch of him now... Slender isn't a collector. After he's had his fun he dumps the bodies. Ah, but there is still a slight game to play, Slenderman has a few ways of getting one last laugh and that's making sure that they're either never found or they're found in horrible manners. While it isn't exactly known what Slenderman is ones thing's certain: There's always going to be those that think they can tame Him. Throughout time there have always been those that believed they had "The Gift" be they shamans, witch doctors, gypsies or psychics they all believed that they were the lucky few that could communicate and even command the supernatural. Most of what these narcissists get is killed, however they have been able to give us some information from their folly. How to stop Slenderman:
Ha, that's funny. How to prevent Slenderman:
It's too late for that now. How to escape Slenderman:
You just don't get it do you? This isn't some creaking stairs and drafts in an attic. This is a being of incomprehensible power, He uses fire at will, ignores salt, iron and silver. If he had a face he'd smirk at your garlic, rosemary and holy water. Then if what He had planned wasn't worse he'd use that cross your so hellbent on clinging to as the instrument to bring mercy upon you. Photo believed to be taken by the late Jack Greenwall showing Slender in what we believe to be his attack stance. This painting made by Gage Mancer shows the first of the nightmares she had of the Slenderman. As with all things that should be left in the folds of obscurity and be forgotten by time Slenderman has become something of a pop culture icon. The "New Boogeyman" as some have taken to calling him. There has been art made of him from the mad ravings of those that have yet to be taken and he has begun to seep into television and video games. From the blocky and pixelated world of "Minecraft" to his own horror survival game "SLENDER". These pages, part of a once classified dossier are now the main objective of the Slendermans video game. The "Enderman" is an enemy within Minecraft that is extremely tall for the world it inhabits and has the signature long arms. Proceeding to attack a player only after it has looked at the Enderman. At which point it will teleport around and attack the player from behind often removing blocks from beneath to trap them. This artwork was made using case files from psychiatric hospitals throughout the country. The artist has since been added to a watch list of those susceptible to Slenderman. Slendy has always been around from the first days and He'll continue to be around until Time it's self comes unraveled, but until then there's just one question left ask. You're not afraid, are you? This is one of the first modern photos of Slender showing him stalking his newest victim. It's likely they didn't even see him here until the photos were devloped. Again Slender is seen here in the background just watching, waiting. The End Special thanks to my friend and slenderman expert, James, for helping with the prezi
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