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No description

Gretchen Smith

on 4 February 2016

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Transcript of Jinx

Jinx is my favorite book because I like when the books have magic in them, and Jinx has magic in the book. I also like the book Jinx because sometimes it can get a little funny.
The Setting
The setting is a in a magical place called The Urwald. The Urwald is a very green place with a lot of trees. There are a lot of clearings that people live in.
Rising action and climax
The rising acion is when Jinx runs away from Simon's house, and meets Reven and Elfwyn. They travel through the Urwald, and run into the Bonemaster. The Bonemaster kidnaps them, and bring them to the Bonesocket.
Resolution/ conclusion
The story is resolved when Jinx gets injured, and is brought back to Simon's house.
The main character is Jinx. There are also other characters like Simon, Sophie, The Bonemaster, Reven, Dame Glammer, and Elfwyn.
Why it is my favorite book
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