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Japan: Isolated

No description

Nya Gatbel

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of Japan: Isolated

What made japan isolate itself?
When you're a country that is an island you're basically already isolated. Japan on the other hand went above and beyond to isolate themselves from any western countries.
They wanted to maintain cultural "purity" by keeping their society closed to the influence of the Western world.
Key People In Creating isolation
shogun Lemitsu forbade traveling out of japan and limited contact with the outside world except for trade with China and The Netherlands. The Shogun also chose isolation as a method to maintain power and control .
Japan: Isolated
What Impact Did Isolation Have On Society?
Did not have access to many technologies from other societies.

Could not travel long distances easily.
Their worldview was small since they couldn't travel. So they only focused on their society. This made them not accepting of different cultures.
Since they isolated themselves they couldn't learn anything or take in knowledge from other countries and cultures about technology. This set them back.
How did isolation affect on science and technology advancements?
What adaptions did the japanese make to fully utilize their resources?
One of the adaptions they made was making their hills farm able. Japan has a lot of hills and not a lot of flat land so it made it difficult to farm. They were very self sufficient and cut into the hills making rows of flat pieces of land where they can plant crops.
When and why did japan come out of isolation?
In 1853, commodore Matthew Perry led warships to japan and organized a trade agreement. This agreement opened up trade between the west and Japan.
Who were they key people in getting japan out of isolation?
The end of isolation was mainly due to the arrival of Commodore Perry in 1853.


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