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The European Rabbit

No description

Tashya Tejpal

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of The European Rabbit

Solutions For the Rabbits:
- From 1901-1907, they built a "rabbit-proof fence". The fence runs form north to south along Western Australia.
Future Effects on the Ecosystem:
What Countries did the Rabbit Invade?
The European Rabbit has been invasive to many countries. It is in
for Asia and Antarctica.
Some of the places include: North and South America, New Zealand and more.
But the country it has affected the most is Australia.
Impacts That it has on Australia:
- The European Rabbit has caused the extinction of an eigth of the mammal species in Australia.
- It has caused serious problems with the soil such as soil erosion. This affects the growth of plants and organisms living under the soil. Another disadvantage with the soil erosion is that it reduces the water quality. When the rabbits dig their burrows they can cause loss of vegetation.
- The rabbits are causing the flourishing of non-native animals in Australia like foxes and feral cats. This also damages the ecosystem as the animals will prey on other native animals and plants.
- European rabbits graze on native crops, pasture and vegetation. Their grazing can prevent the seedlings from regenerating, reduce crop yeild and increase the competition for feed with livestock.
- They also compete with native animals for shelter and food.
- The damage they do to the plants affect the native species.

The European Rabbit
How it all Started:
- The damage that is done by the rabbits in agriculture products costs millions of dollars EACH year.
- Sheep is a very common animal in Australia. However due to the rabbits the sheep population is decreasing. This is because the rabbits feed on the same plants like the sheep, so the sheep is getting less nutrients causing it to die. and now Australia can't make that much of a profit in wool or sheep meat.

Invasive Species; By: Tashya Tejpal
The European Rabbit
The very first rabbits came in 1778 via a ship called "First Fleet" but the crisis in Australia all started in 1859 when Austin Thomas imported 24 rabbits from England. His reasoning behind this was that he could have fun while hunting them. Little did he know that the shipment contained both male and female rabbits. European Rabbits breed very fast and after a couple of years the 24 rabbits became millions.
Fun Fact- in 1920 the rabbit population was 10 billion.
- The CSIRO created a virus called the " myxoma virus" this was used to control the rabbit population. However the rabbits soon became immune to it and it had no effect on them.
- They are also creating a program called "RabbitScan" which will map where the rabbits are.

- As you know an ecosystem is how the organisms living in a community interact with each other.
In Australia many of the flora and fauna are getting endangered and extinct because of the rabbit. So this will affect the food chains in Australia. In the end many species will die due to lack of food/nutrients.
- poisoning hunting, traps,
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