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The White Tiger

My Endangered Animal Report

Jaclyn Hermiz

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of The White Tiger

Physical Features, Habitat, and Diet They are white with black stripes, and one tiger can have up to 100 stripes. Introduction They're great swimmers but are drowning in the bottomless pit of endangerment. By Jaclyn Hermiz Predator/Prey and Social Habits Is a predator, and it's prey include wild cattle, pig, and deer. Why Is It Endangered? Only 12 have been spotted in the wild for the last 100 years. The last sighting was in 1959. Conclusion The white tiger is an amzing species, and hasn't been around for long. By Jaclyn Hermiz The White Tiger The White Tiger Can be found in southeast China, and southern and central India. I picked it because I wanted to know if it was a cross breed of two animals. A male from head to tail can be around 10.2 feet long, and weigh up to 420-570 pounds. Females are much smaller than the males. They average to be around 7.1-8.5 feet long, and wiegh about 350 pounds. They prefer snowy regions like China, Siberia, and India so it's easier for them to camoflauge. Their diet includes wild pig, cattle, and several other kinds of deer. They can eat up to 88 lbs. of meat in a single feeding. The White tiger is a solitary animal, which means that it prefers to be on it's own. White tigers will only come together for certain mating purposes, and of course, the mother will look after the cub until it reaches a certain age and can take care of itself. Mohan All white tigers technically are related to Mohan, the first white tiger captured in India in 1951. Since they are all related, captive white tigers are genetically unstable to be in the wild. You may not know the importance of the animal until it's gone. To help it, you could create a fundraiser for the endangered animals. Poaching for Chinease medicine is a big reason why they're endangered. It is estimated that there are only about 200 white tigers that can be found in zoos. The End Thanks For Reading!!!
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