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Copy of Copy of School Employee Child Abuse Reporting

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nubia Padilla

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of School Employee Child Abuse Reporting

School Employee and Child Abuse Reporting
Why are we Mandated to Report
To protect children from further abuse and prevent potential future victims.
Someone may confide in one of us, it is our responsibility to report
This may be their way of having change occur.
What do we have to Report
Under the law:
The victim is a child
(The perpetrator may be another child or an adult)
Suffering from
Physical injury not caused accidentally
Sexual Abuse of a child including assault or exploitation
Willfully caused harm or injury
Trauma cruel punishment or injury

When are you a mandated Reporter?
We are mandated reporters when we
are serving in our professional capacity.
Mandated Reporters:
Who is mandated to report?
All school employees certificated and classified are mandated to report suspected child abuse
As well as Doctors
Daycare workers/managers or owners
Public assistance workers
Social workers
Probation officers
Counselors that work in settings with children
Commercial film and Photo processors
Among many other people who work with or around services that support the welfare and well being of children
What do we report?
When we have "reasonable suspicion" that abuse or neglect has occurred.

"Reasonable suspicion" occurs when a person with similar experience or training would suspect abuse based observations or statements.

Time Frames for Reporting
All Reports must be made immediately or as soon as it is practical.
Reports must be made by phone with a written follow-up within 36 hours (faxed or electronically transmitted)

Reports must be made to:

Reporting Agencies
Monterey County CPS confidential mandated reporter hotline or email (831) 796-8529 or Reportchildabuse@co.monterey.ca.us

Santa Cruz County CPS 24 hour hotline
(831) 454-2273
Who reports
We all can and must if we suspect abuse.
Do we have to tell the administration?
Can I let an administrator make the report for me?
What if two or more of us together suspect?
What happens if I do not report?
What if I am wrong?
Greater Bay Area Child Abuse Prevention Council Coaliton

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