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General Wood Shop Safety Middle School

General Safety Rules

Sven Gasser

on 20 July 2016

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Transcript of General Wood Shop Safety Middle School

Middle School
Woodshop Safety

-Safety Glasses MUST be worn at all times!
-All injuries, no matter how small must be reported
-If you are unsure of how to use a tool FIND HELP
-Roll up sleeves, tie back long hair, tuck in loose clothing and remove jewelry while working in the shop.
Safety basics
Use the right size and type of tool for the job
If it hangs off you it is not allowed
How can we make
beautiful things
be safe?
Do not distract people using ANY tool. They are sharp and the user needs to focus.
Each tool does its job perfectly when used correctly.
Forcing things will break tools, your work and worst of all YOU!
Closed toed shoes must be worn
-No sandles or flip flops
Shop Terms
Blood bubble - the dangerous area around a tool.

Keep people out of this area.
Tool crib - where the hand tools live.

The clamps were in here yesterday.
Vise - a clamp attached to a table
- Absolutely no RUNNING or FOOLING AROUND is allowed in the shop at any time.
- Ask your INSTRUCTOR to approve all PROJECTS that you plan to do
-When asked to clean up you need to start cleaning and putting things away imediatly
*You will not leave until it is clean
*There is always more time tomorrow
-Caution any other student you see violating a SAFETY RULE.

Report to the teacher immediately any TOOL or MACHINE that does not seem to work properly.
-Keep TOOLS and WOOD from hanging over the edge of workbench.
Use only a BRUSH, not your hand, to clear away wood chips or sawdust from any machine and workbench.
-Keep the floor clear of SCRAPS of WOOD.

-Wipe up immediately any LIQUID spilled on the floor with a rag or paper towel.

-Keep cabinet drawers, lockers, and doors CLOSED.
-Place oily rags and other combustible materials in METAL safety
-You are FORBIDDEN to use or handle tools until you have been instructed how to use them PROPERLY

-SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS are for your benefit and following them is MANDATORY.
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