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TV & Social Change 1110 Presentation

Breanna Branson

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Glee

A lot of young people are involved in the arts, but a lot aren't as well.
There is a fine line between conventional beliefs of "popular" and "unpopular" normalcy.
High schools are full of diverse groups of different people.
Pregnancy, bullying and unfaithfulness are real problems in high schools.
Young people often turn to music to relate to their problems Alien's Opinion Why the producers believe Glee would be
successful Glee is a teen drama mixed with musicals Other Teen dramas did very well Added musical aspect helps in green Their songs have done extremely well. Topping the itunes charts. Passed the Beatles in top 100 hits by a
solo act. lighting the show. Gender Roles - Examples Unique: A transgendered character of sorts.
- Enforces gender roles?
- Is "Unique" a drag character?
- Individualistic

Finn: Arguably most conflicted character in the show
- Doesn't know what he wants
- Unsure of himself

Sue Sylvester: Gym teacher, bully, narcissist
- Individualistic

- Plans weddings, individualistic
- Seen as effeminate by a bully

David Karofsky: Bully, then "anti-bully", football player Success by Glee standards -Celebrity Guests
-Josh Groban
-Kate Hudson
-Sarah Jessica Parker
-Idina Mendel
-Britney Spears
-Gwyneth Paltrow
-Neil Patrick Harris
-John Stamos
-Johnathan Groff
-Kristin Chenoweth
-Victor Garber
-Carol Burnett
-Olivia Newton John
-Lindsay Lohan
-Perez Hilton
-Molly Shannon
-Whoopi Goldberg
-and more... Ensuring Glee's Success -Reality TV spin-off & contests to appear on Glee
-Glee 3D movie & tour
-Sell covers Success of song and music shows aided in the production of the show. Gender Roles - Thoughts What are typical gender roles? What is expected of men and women?

When is a character simply a male played by a woman? (Sylvester?)

Is Glee enforcing or liberating gender roles? (S2E8) "You have taught me more about being a man"

What about the "gay men are fashionable" stereotype?

"Individuality" Follow your dreams Popularity, money, etc vs Sexuality Glee covers all types of sexual orientation
(straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual)

Kurt and Blaine's relationship (gay couple) on the show marks a new milestone for television

Controversial topic on how teen sex is handled on the show

Episode "First Time", about two couples (one straight, one gay) losing their virginity, and discuss the topic with their peers

http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/video/glee-first-time-episode-sparks-controversy-14913323 Sexuality Show is highly sexualized and sensationalistic

Some (like ABC) believe show provides opportunity for parents to talk about sex with children

Others (like PTC, Parent's Television Council) think that the show glamourizes and promotes sex among teen viewers

What is your opinion? Do you think the show appropriately deals with the topic or not? Emma Pillsbury: But provides what exactly? The understanding that money is the most important thing - or the idea that the only life worth living is one that you're really passionate about, Will? Family Redefined -gay parents; divorced parents; absent parents; single parents

-welfare families; wealthy families

-adopted children; step siblings

-different religions; different races -Support your children in whatever they do

-children supporting parents too -friends as family; non blood relations -Family Support -friends as family What is Glee? A Television Musical Focuses on the lives of the students in a high school show choir, trying to gain a national title.

Pilot aired in May 2009. show has run from September onwards. Discussion: Do you think Glee really takes a stand on any issues? What draws you to the show? Pushes you away? Is Glee helping anyone? Or is it just another entertaining show out to make money? Something for everyone...
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