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Bourbon Capitol of the World

Brandye Bryant

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Bardstown

Bourbon Capitol of the world Bardstown Ky The beginning My Old Kentucky Home Heaven Hill Distillery Stephen Foster Jim Beam Distilleries Four Roses Second oldest city in Kentucky
settled in 1780
Gov. of Virginia Patrick Henry gave a land grand to David Bards Built by Jude John Rowan
Named Federal Hill but commonly called my old kentcucky home
inspired his cousin Stephan Foster to write the song " My Old Kentucky Home" which became Kentucky's offical state song My Old Kentucky Home Father of music
Stephan Foster the musical
Located in the Old Kentucky Home State
park. David Beam moved his family distillery from Washington County to Nelson County because of the new Springfield extension to the Louisville and Nashville railroad rail-line
Been around for seven generations Founder: Paul Jones Jr.
fell in love with a southern bell
send a proposal to her and she replied if her answer was yes, she would wear roses on her dress to the upcoming grand ball.
showed up in a corsage on her dress of four roses. Stephen Foster Story played by local actors founded by the Shapira family in 1934
Only had 14 employees when first started
Bourbon and American Wiskey Produces Evan Williamd Bourbon
and Christian Brothers Brandy Modern day Heaven Hill Americas largest independent, family owned producer
seven largest supplier Jim Beam Logo Makers Mark Bill Samuels established makers Mark
wasnt on the market until the fall of 1959 every single bottle is hand dipped in red was Old Talbott Tavern Built in 1779
Provides shelter, food and drinks
famous people that visited: David Boone, Jesse James, Ab Lincoln as a child Hauntings Jesse James ghost is said to haunt the tavern and you can see him in his favorite room through the window
the owners wife as been claimed to be seen in a white dress hovering over the beds. Dinner Train R.J Corman railroad company purchased the branch and turned in into a dinner train
train 11 was used in the funeral of Dwight Eisenhower's for trasport to his burial. Bourbon Festival one of the most famous festivals in September. Events: crafts of barrels, tasting, ghost tour, country music, balloon glow Bourbon Festival Begun 1992 for bourbon testing and dinner
Support the bourbon distilleries 69% of bourbon is made around nelson county area. we are not alcoholics. http://www.courier-journal.com/article/20070404/DERBYFUN05/70328041/History-Bardstown-steeped-bourbon?nclick_check=1



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