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Eleanor & Park

No description


on 2 March 2014

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Transcript of Eleanor & Park

Eleanor found out that the disgusting and revolting notes on her books were written by her step father.

Her step father is trying to hunt her down and Eleanor knows that she has to run away or face her step father.

She asks Park to help her. Park agrees and drives her all the way to Minnesota where her uncle lives.
Comic Books
When Park reads his comic books he notices that Eleanor is reading them too. He begins to turn the pages slower and open his comic book wider.

The next day Park brings his new comic book, Watchmen. Eleanor could tell that he knew that she was reading his comic books. When Eleanor arrived at her bus stop at the end of they day, Park handed her his comic book.

They start to have a routine everyday. Park brings comic books for Eleanor to read and Eleanor brings all the books back the very next day.
Steve and a bunch of other kids on the bus begin chanting, "Go. Big. Red."

Park was beginning to get angry but Eleanor told him to calm down.

However, Steve had to make another snide comment about Eleanor. Park couldn't hold his anger anymore and he began to fight with Steve.

At that moment Park called Eleanor his girlfriend.

Park began to invite Eleanor to his house. At first Park's mom didn't like Eleanor but when she found out what Eleanor's life was like she began to understand.

Eleanor was being treated like a part of the family since she came after school on most days and she even stayed for dinner.

Going to Park's house after school is her only place away from the pain and stress at school and at home.

Park's House
Trailer for Eleanor & Park
He'd stopped trying to bring her back.
She only came back when she felt like it, in dreams and lies and broken-down déjà vu.
Like, he'd be driving to work, and he'd see a girl with red hair standing on the corner–and he'd swear, for half a choking moment that it was her.
Then he'd see that the girl's hair was more blond than red.
And that she was holding a cigarette...And wearing a Sex Pistols T-shirt.
Eleanor hated the Sex Pistols.
Standing behind him until he turned his head. Lying next to him just before he woke up. Making everyone else seem drabber and flatter and never good enough.
Eleanor ruining everything.
Eleanor, gone.
He'd stopped trying to bring her back.

Park Sheridan
Park is a half-Korean boy who's sixteen years old. He has dark hair and green eyes. He has a brother named Josh and his mom and dad.

He has lived in Omaha his entire life but feels like an outcast since he's part Asian.
Eleanor is sixteen years old. She is slightly overweight, with frizzy vibrant red hair. Her sense of style is also unique.

She has just moved into Omaha, Nebraska into her abusive step-father's house with her mother and four siblings.
Eleanor Douglas
It started on the school bus
The minute Eleanor steps on the school bus everyone looked at her. No one would let her sit beside them.

Park ends up letting Eleanor sit next to him on the bus. They sit in silence not uttering a word.
Park and Eleanor sitting next to each other on the school bus.


Rainbow Rowell

This story starts with two star-crossed misfits. They are smart enough to know that first love usually doesn't last, but brave and desperate enough to try.
It takes places over the course of a school year in 1986.
Eleanor & Park
Mix Tapes
Park forgot to bring his comic books one morning.

Eleanor and Park still haven't spoke to each other yet. They just sat in silence. Park eyes then wandered to Eleanor's books. They were covered with song lyrics and doodles. He attempted to start up a conversation about the Smiths when he saw that she wrote one of their songs on her book.

Eleanor told Park that she didn't know the band or listened to any of the songs. Park decided to make a tape for Eleanor with his favorite Smiths songs, plus a few songs by Echo & the Bunnymen, and Joy Division.

The girls at school constantly bully Eleanor. Especially, Tina, her boyfriend Steve, and their friends.

They call her names such as "Big Red".

In P.E. Tina and her group of friend harrass her by pulling pranks and her and saying harsh and cruel words to her.

That's why when Eleanor finds nasty messages written on her school books she begins to think that Tina wrote them.
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