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Ender's Game

No description

Trevor Lovgren

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Ender's Game

Plot Diagram
Rising action
Ender goes off to battle school and he is already ahead of the game. He is learning fast so he moves up to the next army, Salamander. When he moves up he is not met with a warm welcome. He is hated because they are jealous of him. He doesn't make any friends so he trains with his old ones in the army before him. That just makes him hated even more. Then eventually he moves up again (still before he is supposed to) and everyone knows about him now. He keeps moving up until he is a commander.
The climax of Ender's Game is when he is fighting aliens and he is not a killer but he thinks that it is just a game so he isn't worried about it. But he finds out later that it was the only way to make him kill off the species. He goes into depression and guilt for killing Women and children. Even if they are from an alien species.
Falling action/Resolution
The falling action is Ender is in deeper and deeper depression and he gets really sad and stops eating. When he is forced to eat he will take one bite but no more than that. The story drops you where he
Now over to conflict
The beginning starts off where Ender is on Earth and he gets appointed to go to Battle school. He is a third child and that is a bad thing in this time in the future. He is only 6 years old. He has to leave behind his sister Valentine, and his Mother. He has been chosen when he was born and they put a monitor in him because he is a third, and when they take it out it hurts
*(ex. pg:
Ender's Game Report
By: Trevor Lovgren
Ender Wiggin
Andrew is a kid that got sent off to Battle school, at the tender age of six. He was nicknamed Ender by his sister. He wanted to stay but he had to go. When he got there he was very excited and nervous at the same time. He was there and he got upgraded very fast. He moved up a level and no one in that level liked that. So he had no friends and he trained with the people in the lower level which made people hate him even more. His tragic flaw is he is always trying to pick fights.
Plot diagram
Rising Action
Falling action
Now let's do it my style
Let's see what the conflict is
The main conflict is Man vs. Man
Humans(ender) vs. Aliens(buggers)
The aliens in the book are called the Buggers and they are nasty things. They have the head of ants and the bodies of humans. They can telepathically communicate in between themselves so they have one idea altogether. Basically every bugger move like a hand or a foot instead of thinking on their own .That is a weakness though because if they get the wrong idea everyone gets the wrong idea.
over to the plot diagram
Colonial Graff
He is the one that teaches Ender throughout command school which is one step ahead of battle school. He is nice but he can be a little pushy at times, so that is his tragic flaw. He is a nice teacher that can be a little strict but he has a lot of experience. Later Ender gets a new teacher though.
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