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Robyn and Michelle's Kick-Grass Cleaning Project

An assignment for Outdoor Ed class, cleaning up garbage.

Robyn Lyle

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Robyn and Michelle's Kick-Grass Cleaning Project

Robyn and Michelle's KICK-GRASS Cleaning Project Why This Topic? A Clean Environment is Important because Pollution can harm Wild Life Littering is a big issue and much of it could be Recycled, Composted etc. We want to do our part in helping to keep our Community Clean of Waste We Want to Influence To Help Too! YOU GUYS The Dangers of an
Unclean Environment Action Plan Pick an Area in need of Cleaning Burnaby Mountain Secondary School And Stoney Creek Take an Hour to walk around and pick up Garbage Burnaby Mountain Secondary School And Stoney Creek Categorize it into Recyclables, Garbage and dispose of it properly Burnaby Mountain Secondary School And Stoney Creek Record Results Burnaby Mountain Secondary School And Stoney Creek Hypothesis Burnaby Mountain Chip Bags Cigarette Butts Burger Wrappers Candy Wrappers Fire Crackers Stoney Creek Pop Cans Chip Bags Fire Crackers Candy Wrappers Plastic Bottles Stoney Creek Results Garbage Plastic Bags Wood Board Six Pack Rings Candy Wrappers Fire Crackers Glove Bits of Rubber Recyclables About 30 Cans Plastic Bottles Bits of Paper Glass Bottle Pieces Burnaby Mountain Observations People Biker Locations of Garbage Parking Lot On the Grass Drive way Stoney Creek Observations People Joggers People taking Strolls Dog Walkers Locations of Garbage Forested Areas Side of Trails Could Possibly
be Washed Down the Creek Under Bridge How Can Recycle and Compost what you can Make a Difference? YOU Bring a Plastic Bag to use instead of littering and dispose of it later Burnaby Mountain Results Garbage Candy Wrappers Popsicle Sticks Tin Foil Coffee Cup Lid Plastic Bags Scarf Recyclables Plastic Bottles Glass Bottles Cigarette Butts Juice Box Bibliography Glove Poppy Plastic Straw http://www.google.ca/imghp?hl=en&tab=wi (Google Images) http://www.chintiminiwildlife.org/Education/LivingWithWild/Litter.htm (for facts) Toxins being poured illegally into our rivers and oceans can also pollute drinking water Animals can Swallow or get Entangled in many of the Litter Items left in the Environment (Plastic Bags, Six Pack Rings) Animals can Ingest Toxic Substances like Motor Oil or Pesticides Perchloroethene (PCE) is a Chemical found in Human Drinking water that is known to possibly cause cancer Much of what ends up in our rivers as runoff first begins in our soil. These Chemicals are usually common Household Substances such as Bleach, Motor Oil, Anti- Freeze, Paint Thinner and Cleaning Solutions. To Protect Animals cut and Place any Trash that could Entangle or be Ingested in a Sealed Bag. eg.Six-Pack Rings and Milk Bottle Rings. Take any used Liquid Household Substances and dispose of them properly at your Local Recycling Center Avoid using Non-Organic Fertilizers and Pesticides. If you can't do so, carefully follow the usage and storage instructions listed on the container. When Trash is Disposed of Improperly it may cause Animal Suffering. http://www.prezi.com (for presentation)
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