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Blood Lust

Renfield's Syndrome Presentation

Courtney Fredrick

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Blood Lust

Courtney Fredrick
AP English 12
Mrs. Ogle Blood Lust Clinical Terms Haematomania- A strong phychological craving for blood
Haematophilia- An erotic attraction to the taste, sight, or smell of blood.
Haemosexuality- A strong relationship between blood and sexuality, including but not limited to fetishism.
Haematodipsia- A stronger, more compelling form of haematophilia
Autovampirism/Autohemophagia- consuming one's own blood
Zoophagia The consumption of blood from animals
True Vampirism (clinical)- Patient requires human blood

(Clinical Terms) Renfield's Syndrome Psychologist Richard Noll proposed Renfield's Syndrome as the name.
Renfield's Syndrome is a pathological and delusional disease.
This disease is most commonly found in males.

(Renfield's Syndrome)
Usual Sequence 1) A traumatic event usually occurring during childhood where they experience extreme blood loss or the taste of blood (Renfield's Syndrome). 2) After going through puberty the excitement associating with blood turns into a sexual arousal (Renfield's Syndrome). 3) Autovampirism. People with Renfield's Syndrome hurt themselves intentionally by scraping or cutting their skin. They then drink their own blood.

Most suffering from this disease learn how to open major blood vessels and can then get large amounts of blood at a time or store blood in containers for later uses (Renfield's Syndrome).
4) Zoophagia. People with Renfield's Syndrome catch living animals and drink their blood. These animals include: insects, cats, dogs, and birds (Renfield's Syndrome). 5) Vampirism. This stage consists of drinking human blood. Sometimes they obtain the blood by stealing it from hospitals and labs. Some will drink the blood directly from other living humans. In this case it usually involves some consensual sexual activities. More extreme cases involve lustful murders (Renfield's Syndrome). 6) Vampirism also includes a stage in which patients believe that they gain powers and are prolonging their life. Blood sometimes becomes a sexual symbol (Renfield's Syndrome). Modern Example The parents of a 17 year old boy found their son unresponsive in his bathroom. They called 9-1-1 and EMS took him to a hospital. Their son was pronounced dead in the ER. In the investigation of their son's death a notebook was found beside his bed. In this notebook the boy described himself as a "vampiresis." The boy also strongly encouraged others to do as he did. The autopsy of the boy found that his canine teeth had been filed. They also found 16 ounces of blood in his stomach and 4 ounces of mucoid bloody fluid in his duodenum. There wasn't any signs of ulceration or any other causes for the blood to be there other than by being ingested (O'Neal). Criminal Cases Kentucky VAMPS A group of teenagers had been playing a video game called "Vampire, the Masquerade." They formed a cult who thought they were vampires. They called themselves the "Victorian Age Masquerade Performance Society" or VAMPS. The group became involved in drugs, group sexual activities, and violence. Five members of this cult traveled to Florida and killed the parent of one of the group members and drank their blood (O'Neal). San Fancisco A student was jogging in San Francisco when he was pulled into a van. The victim's cheeck was slashed and assailant drank his blood. The victim was the released with no more harm done to him (O'Neal). Richard Chase Richard Chase was known as the Vampire of Sacramento. He killed six people in California in only one month. Chase would drink the blood of those he killed and eat their internal organs. He lived from 1950-1980 (Britton). The Ruda Couple Manuela Ruda first gained pleasure of blood at a vampire cult "bite party." People would willingly be bitten. Soon she believed a sacrafise must be made. Her and her husband, Daniel, stabbed their friend to death and drank his blood in Bochum, Germany. They also carved a pentagram into his chest (Britton). (photograph.DrRichardNoll) (Photograph.Finding) (Photograph.RichardChase) (Cravings)
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